Monday, May 14, 2012

Legend of Korra Ep.7 Predictions

Yes, I am seriously getting too hyped on this show.

At least I'm not over hyped, only 6 episodes and people are already cosplaying

That's dedication!

Anyway to the spoilers. If you have not watch episode 6 of Legend of Korra do NOT read this. High tail your but over to and watch it NOW. If you have seen the episode but didn't see the promo for ep 7 because wanted to be an ass and took it down after it being up for a total of 5 minutes, proceed to the either of the links below.

Episode 7 Preview
Link #1 

Link #2

My thanks go out to the tumblr fangirls. They bless our hearts with their dedication.


Stuff we know:

  • According to LoK publicists, a character with a relation to Zuko will appear in this episode
  • Sato is gave the police a statement, he appears to be a bit fishy
  • The name of the episode was originally Skeletons in the Closet, it was changed because the name was too revealing of the plot
  • Dante Basco (Zuko's voice) was confirmed as a voice in Season 1, Zuko has yet to be seen though
  • Tarrlok is still the most suspicious of them all
  • Tenzin has declared war, 
  • Tenzin and Lin BeiFong had a relationship 
Speculations and Questions not refering to Ep. 7

  1. Did Toph ever inherit her family fortune?
  2. Possibly the reason Tenzin and Lin had different goal is that Lin didn't want to have children. Makes sense. I see Tenzin and Lin as better match in comparison to Tenzin and his current wife. 
  3. The producers are going to eff us over and Amon is going to be the person we most suspected or the person we least suspected
  4. Korra is getting a bit better with the spiritual side of being an Avatar. I never seen Aang have random flickers of memories. Usually he has to talk to his previous incarnations and they personally show him their memories. 
  5. Why does Lin have the same last name as her mother? Is it an avatar universe thing? Lin is one of the few characters with a last name. 

Episode 7 Predictions:

  1. Sato is an equalist but Asami isn't. However Asami will stick with her father even if it means betraying Mako
  2. Tarrlok is going to be discovered working for the equalists
  3. The other nations are going to get involved in what's going on in Republic 
  4. Korra is going open a whole new door of spirituality
  5. Amon must have a relation with Koh or a spiritual being 
  6. The producers are going to piss us all off with either a mind-blowing wtf moment or make us super sad and sympathetic for some characters. 

These are just my predictions. This show is way too complicated to be meant for kids, I haven't gotten into a show like this for a while .___.

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