Sunday, May 20, 2012

Liz Lisa and Tralala Summer 2012

I'm always going around online trying to find super bargains online. I find them, usually from singapore webstores and then I find out the bad news. They are always in Free-size. Free-size tends to be size 2 in dresses. I'm not a size 2 people. I'm a size 4ish- 6ish but god knows I'm  not a size 2, black girls who are  size two are not from the Caribbean, Caribbean parents are always trying to fatten you up with curves! (Unless their athletic or something)

I find bargain in my size in the end on Ebay, but they are never as cute as Jibapan clothes. Super sad -___-. In the mean time I'll look at Liz Lisa Summer 2012 line to keep me happy and for inspiration.

                And here is Tralala. Idk if I posted this before but no harm in posting some more right?

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