Saturday, May 26, 2012

Nk Liquid Eyeliner Review

Remember the liquid eyeliner I used in this pic
Well it was also featured in this gyaru tutorial as well:
But does anyone really know about this super cheap liquid liner? Well, it can be found at many local Beauty Supply stores. It can't be found at the big chains though. Nk (Nicka K) brand isn't very famous but it's very cheap.
 It comes in a little tube like this. It's usually only $2.

 The thing that makes it special is that the brush is tapered so it's suppose to be easier to use. It makes drawing mess free lines easier no doubt.
 I drew the lines on my hairy thigh -___- sorry.
 It dries pretty quick.
1st test, was the smudge test which was immediately 10 seconds after I drew the lines. The thickest line (the right one) smudge because it wasn't yet dry but the other liner held up.
 The product claim to be waterproof but it claims to water resistant. After  being spashed with a lot of water, it held up.
But  after a lot of water and some scrubbing. It completely goes away.

My scores for this product?

Price: 10/10
Long Lasting 4/10
Brush 7/10

Overall: 6.5

I wish I had a proper camera for these pics but w.e. At least I'm finally doing the reviews I promised, right?
A blurry pic of me with the liquid liner on. No P.S
A derp pic of me from that same day. P.Sed to hide my intense eyebads and other horrors. 

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