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Legend of Korra: The End is Near

I'm sorry that I have been away from my blog for so long. I've been caught up between colorguard stuff, final exams, and other stuff that I should be doing instead of updating my blog. I discovered the awesomeness of Aimachi, DCI (which I never knew existed) in the meantime worry about my school band (which has been falling into the craps this past year) and the colorguard (which has been doing really good for the past 3 years and is just about to get a whole lot better :)  But I'll come back to this guardie fandom tomorrow.
Main subject:


Now if you are tumblr person, the fandom has probably gotten on your effing nerves by now with all their nonsense.

Makorra VS Masami VS Borra VS TAHNORRA

...........................................Doesn't anyone care about the main plot anymore? Lol

All jokes aside, unlike the original Avatar, the relationship tensions are more apparent in this show. While Borra has been out of action for a while, anything can happen relationship wise for the show's characters. Or it could be like the original show, not bring up the topic for a another season. Then these guys:
Can do this:
Which they have probably been doing since the show has begun to air.

It's official, these guys are the most creative trolls there is.

And they know it:

Bryan Konietzko, the co-creator drew this:

At least they know ;)

So no, no one knows how it ends on a relationship level. Who knows, damn fan girls are way too into this. Masami is obviously going to hit the end Makorra wins, or they don't tell us until next season because we all know Bryke and the guy-with-a-long-last-name are trolls.

Anyway so we basically know that Amon vs. Korra is going to be a game of tag. We also know Amon is going to bloodblend or chiblock Mako and he is going to try take away Korra's bending. We all know Korra bending isn't going to be taken away nor will anything mad happen to the pair. You know why? IT'S AN EFFING KIDS SHOW, THERE MUST BE AN EFFING HAPPY ENDING....or we can all pray that they don't wham with a troll mode.


  1. We are going to see the end of Masami
  2. Asami is going to go through serious issues in Skeleton in the Closet. She is not use to being poor and won't take the challenge lightly. 
  3. I see a focus on the Satos and their family problems and their alliegances to be seen quite soon
  4. Bolin has yet to see the light of serious dialogue for a couple episodes, I think we might see some
  5. Lin? No bending? Na-uh honey, she is going to have a comeback soon

6. Oh and they are going to kill off a character (like Jet) cuz this is Bryke we are talking about
7. Korra is going to have some damn breakthrough and finally airbends (I mean duh, Chapter 1: Air)
8. General Iroh? He might be the one they kill  *sniff sniff* I smell epic battle scene
9. I need to get a life so let end with nine.

The creators also have said that they are going to answer some unanswered questions surrounding Toph, Sokka, Katara, Aang and Zuko. Oh really? I bet you guys, they are going to answer two or three questions and then leave us with thousands for next season.

My questions:

  1. Whose Lin's dad
  2. Why does Lin has her mom's last name
  3. Wtf wit Zuko's Mom
  4. Where the hell is Zuko
  5. Where are Kataang's Kids (besides Bumi, who we shall see as he is a member of the United Forces)

Don't troll us now, Bryke. DONT TROLL US NOW!

P.S Thank you guys for sparking up my stats so high. It's never been this high before and I am super thankful. 

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  1. This looks like a great show, I really want to watch it :) I've had to skim read this post in case of spoilers though :P Also, I've given you the Liebster blog award, check out my blog for details :) x