Friday, June 8, 2012

Makeup of the day

Today was finally my last day of school. I can't be super happy yet because it doesn't change the fact that I still have 1 year left in school. I took so many pictures today but sadly my own camera still doesn't work nor and my phone camera completely refused to work all day. But my friends took many pictures.

Knowing I would take plenty of pictures, I spent time to put on the better of my makeup,  After putting on my makeup, I was a little upset on how natural it came out to be but it reminded me of how much I love Tsubasa Masuwaka's otona style and how I've been dying to try it for a couple of weeks now.  I'll probably  start using that style on Monday.

Here are a few pics of me
Me (with initial makeup on) and my friend Janei
I ended up putting more makeup on in school lol. I haven't wore false lashes since last summer so I had a hard time putting on them on. In the end, I ended up putting on demi lashes -___-"
I did succeed however and getting a droopy look for my eyes.  

I really was feeling my makeup today but I know  I can do much better if I went into otona-style (note: none  of the pic above are meant to be gyaru style, so judge as ordinary style)

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  1. You're so cute. You should do gyaru makeup but I don't think Tsu-chan's current "otona" makeup looks really gyaru. Try to play around the styles.