Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My Makeup Collection

So I decided to do a post on all the make-up I own. It's not much and everything I have is pretty cheap. But hey I actually own more makeup than my mother! She believes deeply in natural beauty and hates it even when I put a bit of eyeshadow!

My makeup collection is the equivalent to the amount of makeup a not-so-beginner-but-still-a-beginner makeup kit. I bought most of my stuff with my own money.

I put all my makeup into a makeup bag that a friend gave me for christmas. Before the bag, I used to put everything in a drawer. I really need to buy mini drawer to put all my makeup in but I keep forgetting.
My first item, I'll present to you guys is the E.L.F Limited Edition Endless Eyes Pro Eyeshadow ($10). It's a super long name that gets me tongue twisted every time but it's really lovely. I got it for Christmas and this is my second palette. 
The Palette has 100 colors in total. Out of my two palette this is my favorite because the colors are more natural. I can make hundreds of natural combos. I can use this palette everyday.

Here are some swatches. The colors are really pigmented but some colors can be very bright. Bright colors tend not to compliment me.

This is the first palette I ever bought. I bought it off of Ebay. Its called the Pro 96 palette ($9.26). This palette tend to compete with the Coastal Scents 88 palette and Bhcosmetics 120 and 88 palettes but I've use those palettes before. The 96 is pretty much the same as those ones. I saved so much money on this palette so I just said: If it's not MAC (or any other luxgury brand makeup), it's not worth the extra money. 

Here are some swatches. I like this palette because it's super pigmented and the colors overall are deep. 
Here are my broken up travel palettes. They didn't cost more than $3 and I needed them when I overslept and needed to do makeup in school everyday (which I stopped doing, bareface is okay too). They obviously couldn't handle constant travel in my bookbag. 

My false lashes collection currently. Usually I own a box of Ebay lashes and I own a pair of Revlon Fantasy  Lengths that I never wore but I somehow misplaced it. Go figure. 

This is a pair of Ardell Invisband Fairies ($3.49) that I had since January but never wore because I'm scared I might need them for a special event,

Gyaru lashes, if I ever feel the need. It was a korean brand ($1). I think it was Darkness

The upper left corner is ELF Essentials Limited Edition Silver Box Eyelash Kit ($3). It was a gift. The upper right corner is an Ebay off-brand. Also was a gift. The bottom one (which looks really disgusting but I only used it once, the box looks disgusting because  of my bookbag and it didn't agree, like my palette) 

My liquid foundation. Maybelline Mineral Power in Latte Dark 1-3 (which I believe is no longer sold). I bought it on Ebay (and its still sold on Ebay so I intend to stock up). It gives awesome coverage and because it's discontinued it cost a little bit more than a buck. 
I get this BB Cream for free whenever I buy circle lenses from thedollyeyes.com. It saves me from buying concealer. When I use this under my foundation it gives medium coverage while my foundation gives me another medium coverage. It overall cover up my eyebags and my occasional pimple (I don't generally get pimples on my face, I usually get them on my chest)
L'Oreal True Match Naturale. Keeps all my makeup together pretty well and it doesn't cake. Since all my skin products have SPF 15, 15 x 3,  45 spf, I think my skin is getting awesome protection lol. 

An off brand liquid foundation I bought to use as eyelid primer. It was a $1 and it's such a bad foundation that it works great for other things. 

My NK automatic eyeliner ($1). Looks like a gel liner except so much easier to apply.
Mattese Eye Drama. This pretty much sucks. But it's brush is okay.
 My mascaras and random elf eyelash curler. The only thing that is missing is Maybelliner Falsies Mascara which I am going to bu

A buyincoins product! One is a fiber and one is the the actual mascara. In combination it makes your lashes super long. It's called Flamingo...... (super long name). Only $2.18 and free shipping. 
Kiss I-Envy ($4.95). This also a very good mascara because the bristles of the brushes separates your lashes and indivually coats them. 
A Lumene Mascara ($1) that's probably discontinued but it's really cool because it a blue mascara but the blue barely shows. It give good volume however. 
An off-brand mascara ($!) its does a basic job.

My lip colors.

Slightly melted but a cute color. I got it from my sister so I don't the brand or the price.

This was a deep red from NK ($1). To my surprise the bullet broke when I opened it! Oh well, I didn't really like NK lipsticks, they are cheap but they easily give me clownish lips. 

My lip glosses. 

The two small ones are Sephora's Birthday gifts. They are a sugar lip treatment. The pink one is a red tint and the maroon one is clear. They really smooth my lips and moisturize them. 

This is a lipstick/lipgloss combo stick. I don't know where I got it but I think I got it for free when I bought my clothes for my trip to Disney World.

That's basically it for my makeup collection. It's relatively small in comparison to gurus and might be huge for those mascara-and-lipgloss-is-all-i-need type of girls. But a makeup collection isn't something you just all buy at once. It takes time for these things to pile. It called a collection for a reason. I will always have stuff adding on. For example I just got Elf Eyeliner Pen and a chinese eyelash glue today. When starting a collection, just take things two at a time! 

Thanks for reading my post! 

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  1. Great collection :) I love the big colourful palettes, I really want one so I can be more experimental with my eye looks :) x