Friday, June 22, 2012

The style I wish I had

The reason I keep lagging with my blogging is because I've been on tumblr so often. I have a ton of tags that
I look at.  Most of which is fashion related.

Point blank I love Japanese fashion, it's the best in the world eff Milan, London, Paris, bitch please, 

So in the end my style choices came out to be come something like this:
Lol, M. Alice LeGrow inspired me originally with her lolita artwork (and caused my addiction to manga and comic)

But as much as I like lolita, it's pretty expensive. When I was young, I promised myself I would buy these expensive clothes when I had the money again.

By accident I got introduced into Hime Gyaru and which led to my like of Gyaru style.  Later on I came to like fairy kei as well.

-Casual Lolita
-Gyaru fashion (liz lisa style stuff)
-Ulzzang makeup, Tsubasa style makeup.

I like Onee-style Gyaru makeup and a moderate form of hime-gyaru syle clothes. Reason being is I feel like false lashes scare men very badly and I don't have a man and I'm not asian. So natural top lashes and dramatic bottom lashes are more my style. Tsubasa Masuwaka otona style is more my calling.

Ulzzang overall style is bit too boring for my taste but their photography skill and makeup is enough to inspire me.

I think I mention this several times before but I love love love Liz Lisa. They are my favorite gyaru fashion brand.

I like casual lolita because I'm not much of a fan of all the things that go into Lolita. I can't wear that much frills!

All these things plus a nice wig
Make up my style

And that's the conclusion of this post. I hope you guys like it.


  1. Good post.
    Liz Lisa's a brand I hear thrown around a lot - is it easy to acquire their stuff if you live in North America?

  2. Japanese fashion is quite nice.
    Liz Lisa and its sister brand Tralala are great but I also like Cecil McBee. I find the fit is also better as well than some of the fashion where I live.