Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Hey guys, I know it's been a while but I've been working full time so I became incredibly busy. I had some posts drafted but none of them was good enough to post.

  I'm working at Mcdonalds. I know, the death of a perfect health. But the little money I made off my blog wasn't supporting a gyaru-blogger lifestyle (not yet). And I need to save up for my trip to Tokyo in 2013.

I was going to do a post on an inside view of how a Mcdonalds actually like and what we actually serve you,  I decided not to because the events about someone getting fired for stepping on lettuce in Burger King, despite what I was going to say was nowhere near as... controversial.

Lately I've been a tumblr-fiend, comic book addict, and an extreme otaku. Despite that I barely post on tumblr, I've been finding some interesting stuff. One was a girl named Constance, a photographer and artist, whose tumblr is suppose to be relaxing and posting sexified ulzzang style photos.

Xiaoyu (Constance)

No doubt she is a bamf but I think there is something inspirational about her for everyone. Maybe she is beautiful, maybe she's not but come on, we all can see that to achieve that amount of perfection, she works for it. 

Constance claims her only work out is using the treadmill. Her body shows that she has abs and is at a high physical shape. That means she is on the treadmill everyday and she probably does a lot of crunches. Her athletic built also shows she might be into non-bulky sports like cheerleading or dance.
Her makeup isn't hard to achieve but obviously look like ulzzang makeup. Her eyebrows are filled in, she has  a non connecting double winged eyeliner (which is more gyaru style, not ulzzang), foundation, and circle lenses. This isn't hard to achieve but it does take TIME, so yea.

Her blog is a bit famous but I don't think she has half the recognition she should. She is a bamf, who wears circle lenses and ulzzang makeup, and she good at it. Not many westerners can achieve that. 

So she inspires my makeup inspiration and fitspo.

Meanwhile Usagiipyon inspires with hairstyles (too bad she doesn't blog anymore)

Aprilfoolromance (Lorina) inspires me with clothes

As well as cheesie (Ringo).

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