Thursday, August 2, 2012

Fall 2012 Shopping Inspiration

So right now, I'm working extremly hard and get ready for school. It seems this year, I won't be able to participate in marching band (because there won't be one) so I'll be spending my time working and saving up for Japan (I'm going in March). I won't be posting much yet because (along with many other bloggers) I will be revamping my blog in late August (new layout, new theme, and daily posts)  so just be paitent.

I've been buying a lot of clothes for my planned otds and school. I didn't know if I was going for any certain style yet. I saw a new horizon while I was shopping. I live near the 11th biggest mall in the U.S and I know most of the stores but since I never had money, I was inclined to buy off clearance racks and not getting to buy really nice clothes which are already nicely priced.

Both my super cheap and cute favorite stores had already closed down (579 and Rainbows) so I began browsing some popular stores like Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, Wet Seal, and Papaya.

Instinctly I began buying onee-gyaru style clothes. Its really not my fault, I feel like all the stores have the same color palette of clothes that nothing stands out. So the only style I could really buy and still be gyaru and untypical was otona style.

For the price, selections, and quality, Forever 21 beat out all competition and Papaya came in a close second.

I live near a Forever 21 megastore so it won't be hard for me to buy similar (and even exact) clothes to what Japanese Gals wear. I've been using Jugetta and Liz Lisa shop staff for some inspiration.

Liz Lisa shop staff has also been getting in touch with their otona style. It's so much easier to find look-alikes to their coordinates for Fall 2012 in comparison to their spring 2012 style.

Jugetta still manages to be more otona style, even though I stuff similar to Jugetta without trying, I don't think I'll fully dress so maturely. 

I think I forgot how much skirts characterize all gyaru-kei styles. This will reflect in a major style change because I never used to own many skirts. I always was jeans girl (I mean come on, as a high school student jeans are your best friend)

Tokyo Fashion has been a major help in my quest for insipration. Even though a lot of these styles are from March, they still do me some justice.

From Tokyo Girls Collection! I'm surprised I didn't see these sooner.

  Alot of those pictures featured gals in them and I think a lot of people need to realize- just because the power of makeup made MODELS gorgeous in magazines, doesn't mean it works for everyone.

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