Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Is Ojiwaka Making a Come Back?

I think so.

The last time I really heard the word was in winter 2010/2011.

Vintage is always coming back in style but Ojiwaka is more of focus on style that grandparents used to wear.

If you have been into Forever 21 lately, a lot of their clothes are looking more like.

I have this dress btw and its only sold at select stores (not online yet) trolololol

And I was in complete shock when Liz Lisa completely let go of floral print from their Fall 2012 collection and supported the current trend of collars and adult hues. 

This overall makes Liz Lisa look alikes so much easier to find but the colors they have make me want to puke. Because last winter, I swear those hues of browns, light pinks, and white was the only colors I could ever find of clothes. It made me want to take some stupid fashion designer's head off. 

Idk if care so much now.If I ever need a color fix and no store seems to have, I can always rely on Hot Topic to be against mainstream. 

To be fair I don't think it's coming back to  extent it was back in 2010/2011

But I'm going to fall into that Ojikawa/Obakawa style this fall anyway (in full storm)

No sneak peaks until September!!


On another note, I've been really thankful for Tumblr because I found another Gaijin Gyaru blogger that I really like. 

I really like her style because not only its more otona, it doesn't seem over done. That my problem with a lot of gaijin gyaru bloggers. Their makeup, to me, looks overdone and unflattering. Thats only my opinion though. 

Okay bye bye. Have nice day/night. 

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