Saturday, November 24, 2012

Fashion Inspo

So right now, I'm focusing on fixing up my blog so bare with me. I'm trying to work with nuffnangx which is a bit frustrating  It doesn't want to work on neither my phone or tablet and the comment app that was supposed to load on this blog isn't working. -__-" but I am a big overall supporter of nuffnang. I've been eyeing for a day that it'll one day be in the U.S.  Then my layout probably very cumbersome for people who don't have fast processors (I experienced it firsthand on my netbook). So many little things to work out.

I wanted to post this a while ago, but you already know the girls who go Tokyo Girl's Collection inspire me a lot more then actual models. Since I'm always going out and shopping for a new clothes (for super cheap), I took a look at these pics before I went black friday shopping.

Picture credits to I did buy a lot on black friday. Of course we all know, appearal shopping on black friday is super tough. Because you don't want to buy anything that isn't at least 50-70% off. Clothes are going to be on sale anyway after christmas, so you don't want to buy any rip off on the black friday hypes. That being said, sweaters, leather clothing, and other must haves for this season were NOT on sale. Sad for me, because that stuff was what I really wanted. However wardrobe basics were on sale. At Forever 21 clearance items even got an extra 50% off. So most of my $5-$8 skirts became $2-$4 once I got to the cash register. CRAZY right.  So I did find a lot of good buys. But the better deals are online for stores like Forever 21. I am paitently waiting for Monday's free shipping deals 0.o

Batman signia on a leapord pullover? *Dies in heaven*

Yea, sweaters like those were definitely not on sale -__-"

 Outfit I want most.... Not on sale on Black Friday at all.

EDIT: NuffnangX conversations started working after I made this post....SO, I'll post a entry more about NuffnangX tomorrow :)

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