Saturday, November 17, 2012


It's a real shock that my viewership was so high and now it dropped so low...again... It's really my fault. I stopped blogging. I rejoined the real world, full of working people with such busy lives that taking the time to write a couple of sentances every other day has become a hassle. Then homework just adds onto that stress. FML to the max and all the homework I've managed to not do. Actually, I don't even recall the last time I did homework at home. When I get home, I read some manga and some blogs then go to sleep. Then I wake up super early so I can twitter stalk some singaporean bloggers. I come to realize that I have a boring life... Well not really, I just don't get to share my life much since I don't own a camera -___-". Black Friday should change that.

So to bounce back into the blogger scene I'm going to dump some photos here from my instagram and facebook.

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#Disneyworld: I have a ton of photos from Disney that I have yet to edit. But I made a collage of the most memorable moments for me. Going to Disney was a great experience and it was honestly a very beautiful place.

#Permitphotoday. I used my sister camera for this. The quality was too high to add any filters onto this LOL. But I think photowonder lowers the quality anyway. 


 #Backtoschoolootd All forever21. This was taken on my phone's camera.

#Throwbacks that I found on my phone from last may -__-

 #Schoolevents&etc In no particular order.

#HurricaneSandy nuff said

Aud tweeted this. It became the highlight of my week. #nolife

 #recentootd. I really love this skirt

#camwhore After a photoshoot that I'll be soon posting

#collegelife At Fashion Institute of Technology Open House

#collegelife At Suny Purchase Open House
Breaking Dawn Part 2 comes out this weekend guys!! LMAO

Lots of Love,

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