Monday, December 31, 2012

2012; the things I did do and lies I told myself

Happy New Year's Eve!

The new year is about to ring in and I've officially survived 5 apocolyspes! I'm on a roll, baby!

So one of the great things about having a blog is that you can look back and see how much things have changed and how many lies you've told yourself. I told myself quite a few lies!

So in reference to these posts:

So believe it or not I didn't start (subconciously) following my new years resolution until this month. FML right.

According to my 2012 New Year Resolution:

1. Redo my wardrobe.

I did it! I was so stylish starting in september.

2, Redo my room
That didn't happen lol

3, Get eyelash extensions.

I didn't. I just started buying loads of falsies and struggled to effing glue them on

4. Get my nails done more.
I didn't. I was being too cheap and as a violinist, it wasn't worthwhile

5. Get a steady and large income.
I did keep myself this promise. I got a job and I worked harder in social media. Way better than $30 a month

6.Lose weight.
I sorta did, but from working in fast food I gained it back. So mission incomplete!

7. Get my license
Did the first step and got my permit, I give it a month before I can get my license

8. Publish a book.
I keep pushing that back! Waiting to cultivate my writing skills is better though.

9. Be fashionable everyday.
HA...ha....hahaha did I really think this was gonna happen?

10. Party more often
Naw bro, nerds stay home

11. Chase account

12. Boyfriend
Last week I would of cried as I typed a big fat NO. But this week I can say its a work in progress thats a little bit hard to define. I'm picky.

I added a few things in February which I will basically sum up here. All my travel plans were moved to 2013. I think even my stuffed animals could realize that. I did go to NYC twice and met a gal at FIT Open House. I didn't get to meet up with the NYC gals cuz I didn't get back into gal makeup until this month. I got a job, I didn't meet my weight goals,etc etc. My 2013 goals are still intact btw.

2012 in pictures :)

Even though the pictures are scrambled, I can tell now, that I've had a lot of ugly camwhore moments in 2012. I'll improve in 2013! I promise!

Thank you for all of those who followed me through out 2012. I promise that 2013 will be 10 times better!

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