Friday, December 14, 2012

False Lashes

More blogging from my phone O.o

Lately I've been constantly buying new lashes to wear.

I bought so many in a course of just of few days. I'm actually making an effort to cheat to the world with my appearance. 

The lashes from china are super cheap. But they are really hard to put on. So I began to buy from ardells... Also hard to put on. Then I fell in love with Kiss I-Envy Lashes. Cheaper then ardells and human hair lashes only $3 each :). If only I didn't have so much trouble putting on lashes day to day. I have more lashes then the one shown above but my collection just keeps growing (as my wallet keeps shrinking)

Au Naturale 003
 The ones I wore for this look:

My second successful time I wore lashes. I still have mistakes like a bit of a gap but for the most part I really like this one. (And yes I'm wearing a superboy shirt :)

Demi Lashes that I wore today
Sorry crappy phone camera, but this  was for a photo shoot so I'll show you the prints later. The lashes are actually very natural to my surprise. It didn't really stand out much and was really droopy (no matter how much I curled them) Unlike most Kiss I-envy, this isn't made of human hair. So I guess expectations shouldn't overput. No matter, it looks nice on my eyes with and without circle lenses.
Ardell Fairies taught me an important lesson about lashes. Thin lashes that look super pretty on asians like Loraine from, for the most part won't appear against my skin tone.
It looked the same as wearing Falsies Mascara. I might as well have been wearing mascara

I'll keep posting as I try out more. I also bought a lot of other beauty products so I'll review some of them too like the Revlon colorstay eyeliner, elf cream eyeliner, Elf pen eyeliner, etc etc. Leave a comment if you want for me to post more makeup posts.

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