Friday, December 21, 2012

Helping me Gain Customers with Mad Mimi


So I think I mentioned before, but for a little while ago, I used to own a blogshop. I mostly sold circle lenses but as stricter government policy and a new fear, business dwindled and despite my success, the business and school couldn't work out.
Lately bloggers, Cheesie and Aud have started a brand called Forichzu. They have their own designs as well they have outsourced Japanese accessories and clothes for their shop. I thought it as a very good idea but something that isn't done in the U.S. How would I bring such an idea to the U.S? Unlike Malaysia, U.S is very vast and being based in suburban New York, I lose out on many market opportunities because I am not based in a major city. The blogging culture in U.S, differs from Asia, so how would I get customers?
This fall, I've been collaborating with a big name vintage store, to work toward making a my designs into a sell-able product. In addition, I have a distributor of apparel and jewelry to help me sell more items for my brand. I came to a conclusion that I would set up a blogshop. That would be a difficult because it's not a popular trend in the U.S but a cheap option with many good opportunities. I'll be opening store selectively in January and officially in February. I outsourced to 500 plus potential customers through Facebook and Twitter but that's no where near a big enough of audience that I need. So I decided to look more into social media marketing. I ran across the idea of email marketing and it lead me to Mad Mimi.
Mad Mimi is unusually good service for a crazy cheap price. I saw the website and reviews and I knew I just had to sign up. Prices start at only $10 a month. It's simple enough to use for even those who don't know anything about technology. It's a easy, efficient and superior email marketing service.

So guys if you are looking into email marketing for your business, you might want to check this out. It's a really good deal you really want to check this out. I will be using this service as I begin work on my blogshop.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.

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