Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays guys!

I've been slugging behind blogging because I'm working on three huge posts that I thought you would guys would like. Plus you know the drill; full-time job, holiday shopping, and school, tends to keep me REALLY busy.

Santa has been very good to me this year and it's suppose to keep getting better. I got so much makeup this year from my friends. I got so much makeup from my friends and family that it's crazy. I thought this year would be the year for jewelry and other small gift thing. I guess they all see how often I fawn over makeup and watch Michelle Phan.

Believe it or not, Internet superstars Michelle Phan, Xiaxue, and Cheesie are my ultimate idols (I have a theory that Asian rule the internet, it's not a racial thing. I think its a culture thing, go figure).

I always challenge myself to do  Michelle Phan's makeup looks (whenever that's possible though, she uses so many sephora brands that I can't afford)
This is look is based on Formal Look Michelle Phan used

When Michelle uses any drugstore, best believe that eventually I would own the same item. I won't even remember where I've seen the product before but I know I will it be good #femaleintuition.

But lately, it hasn't just been watching Michelle, then transforming the look for my skintone. I good take any look and mimic it on the spot.

With my other talents, I'm at a point where I need to evaluate what would make me happy career wise. It's hard to pinpoint one thing that I'll be happy doing for the rest of life.

I love playing the violin, but I lack ability and proper education. For the most part, I am self taught.  When I see talents like youtube player Jun Sung Ahn, I bow my head in shame.

I love to write. But my scores in English class less then superb. Having that in mind, I applied to college for Advertising and Marketing Communications. I mean, I love blogging, that's something I would do for the rest of my life. I understand social media for the most part. I think I could ponder in that field. However, I hate the idea of working a desk job. I need to move every couple of minutes or else I would get sidetracked or fall asleep. I'll see for sure, once I *attempt* to intern somewhere.

I also love to do flag twirling professionally (I probably could as a hobby). Being a colorguard has changed so much about my life and I am inspired to keep going and keep healthy and explore my talent into more depth. Flag twirling leads into other paths too like dance, gymnastics etc.

I also love drawing, fashion, and makeup. I drawn together these three because these all lead into each other. Because I loved drawing, I started designing fashion because it's a more steady career path. I began to love fashion because its a physical form of expression. With fashion, I learned makeup to complete a look. Now, I'm working on learning how to do hair.

All these things are leading somewhere. Writing has lead me to a successful partnership for extra cash. Flag Twirling has led me to do many organizations and probably a professional group next year (*cough*"Emanon" *cough*). Drawing led me to do some commissions for classmate (extra cash). I'm starting a blogshop in March selling apparel and accessories.  In May, I'll be doing facials for girls. I would make so much money if only I could do hair -__-".

I mean I don't like slaving over designs for hours. So fashion design is a no/no (that being said I'm making apparel to sell because times are rough). I love to write, and I will publish a book in 2013, no doubt about it.  I love flag twirling and creating new choreography, challenging myself all the time to see how much I could improve. Violin, I love learning new pieces and playing for an audience, I wish I had more time to practice. Drawing is pretty meh now, my creativity no longer reaches the arts. And of course makeup, is a due try love. On myself and on others. Can't afford cosmetology school though ;(.

So I can tell for sure, that I don't quite know where the world will lead me tomorrow. I have many plans, many choices, many things I'm good at. Oh, senior year, why must you be so harsh on me.

P.S I'll be making a video tutorial soon.

P.S.S I'm thinking about working at Sephora.

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