Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Some funny stuff

Blogging from my cellphone ladida. The blogger app for android isn't that bad la. Everyone always says bad stuff about it but who knows.

These past few weeks have been bizarrely stressful for me. Usually I get more stressed during my midterms in january but my school has been throwing out bullshit after bullshit.
They suspended me for 2 weeks for cyber bullying wtf. The curse of being a blogger with an opinion right? I didn't even say anything bad. I didn't go all out with a xiaxuemoment.jpg I just said this girl needs to stop bothering people or else she'll get her reckoning. I didn't say I would be the one giving her reckoning but evidently that's a threat. Futhermore she attacked me at school for a totally different reason but according to the school she doesn't need psychiatric help, I'm the one in the wrong.... okay I do sound rather guilty but the way this all played out, this girl was really just psycho.

So in the middle of my suspension, my mom up and goes to haiti, unannounced to my sister and I. We were like wtf woman, why u leave us? So most of the time me and my dad were home together. That was super awkward because we don't talk to each other much. But we are so alike that its crazy. For example he had to drive me somewhere by 8am one Saturday.

Me: Daddy don't forget we have somewhere at 7:30
*he gets up and I accidently go back to sleep*
Me: *finds my dad asleep again* daddy why did you go back to sleep lor?
Dad: why did you go back to sleep?
Me: hey hey, I'm not the adult here
Dad: * grunts and slowly gets ready*
We didn't get there until 8:45. Mostly my fault though.
Once I did go back to school I took habit to wearing subtle gyaru makeup every so I can develop perfect makeup for senior picture.  This one is using Kiss I-envy Au Naturale 03 and puffy 3 tone grey

These ones uses the Ardell Fairies lashes and puffy 3tone violet. Mildy okay attempts except the fact that I had gaps in between my fake lakes and real lashes at times.

Kay kay nothing more to say. Thank you for reading.

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