Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A summary of February

I admit, I've been busy retrospectively speaking. With an average of one post a month. Omg, but now my camera is finally fixed so once I finished writing this, I'll get ready for my next post. February brought me a lot of good things. I turned into an adult in February and I had to get accostomed to being an adult which was hard.
But some nice things happened and some things just stayed the same.
As you guys do know I love performing a lot! Since my old marching band is a done deal and I don't quite have the money to do independent winterguard or a drum corp. So I've been doing a lot of talent shows and stuff. Which is a hard thing to do for an audience who is accostomed to the prestige of flag work. I had to practice a lot more dance and i'll show a video soon!
I also did film a youtube makeup tutorial which I haven't had the time to finish editing. Here's a quick preview:
I don't think I will go through and finish editing. The quality came out really bad. It was fine just watching it on a phone but on a computer, I don't think people would like it at all. And I really don't want to take the time to do a voice over -___-.

Besides that, February was really a short and uneventful month. But no worries! March differs from February. I'll be so busy. Spring Musicals, travels, and the ever so eventful Spring Break.

Blogs I fell in love with in February:

Okay that's a lie, I've been in love with this gal  since her debut on Kawaii of the World. Even though her blog isn't up to date (she's being like me right now), she has been updating her youtube.
Bibi of Pacte Solitaire

I'm not quite sure how I managed to find her blog but the cute the style reminded of Yutaki's blog. So I find this blog interesting and the owner of the blog is quite cute so it a must read.

Pics from February:

V-Day ootd

B-Day Ootd

Some random day ootd.

Well then that sums up February. Thanks for reading.

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