Monday, June 10, 2013

Fashion Post #3

Lately i've felt so adult,

First weave
First eyebrow wax
First credit card
First clubbing event

A lot of firsts and stuff. So I got back on my A game. Getting fashionable ready everyday. Doing some new stuff, touching some old. Everything has yet to fall in place.

Pics are from iphone so sorry for mehh quality.
Top and shorts- Papaya 
Jewelry- Ebay

Top and shorts- Agaci
Jewelry- Forever 21

Top- Papaya
Skirt- Forever 21

Stupid me, was holding down the shirt and took away the peplum shape.
Top is from Papaya
Pants are from Forever 21

Sorry. I was sweating from clubbing lol
Romper- Agaci 
Tights: 99cents store
Best thing about all these outfits? Not one piece costed more than $20 bucks. Well i think the romper was $30 but all these outfits were relatively cheap. 

My current favorite stores are Agaci and Papaya. Forever 21 has fell out of my favor in their lack of ability to provide stylish spring clothes at my kinda price. Papaya has so many cheap cute clothes, it does well for my shape and brings color back in my wardrobe. Agaci is quite pricey but their clothes makes it so worth it. Its cute, chic, and gives more of a oneegyaru vibe. My only problem is their lack of a color palette. It's not the store's fault. The black and white theme is what's popular now. But I do like my florals and different expansions of color. 

Top: Forever 21
Skirt: Non name brand
Shoes: Charlotte Russe 

 Top: forever 21
Bottom: Forever 21

I always post my fashion pics on instagram @moonangelko
#ootd you guys might find me from that

To me, fashion is simply expressing who I am. Sometime I don't want have to express it. Sometime I do. Either way, I have to put money where my mouth is and in the words of Tim Gunn "Make it work"

Ciao Lovelies, See you soon 

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