Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Most Tatted Generation

I got my first tattoo :)

I'm actually trying to stay hush about it. My parents are very against body modification religiously and I will not here the end of it when they do find out. For Caribbean parents it doesn't matter if ur an adult or not, they still own you. I think many of you could relate.

I kinda did this on impluse. An impulsive desicion I do not regret. An accquaintance of mine has a beautiful rose tattoo covering her shoulder and I thought I just had to get one. So I decided let me scope out a cheap and good tattoo artist to do a simple small one.

My sister's boyfriend just happened to be the man of the moment lol. He had done many beautiful roses before so I decided, I might as well go to him. In the end, instead of a small tattoo, I got a tattoo that was bigger than my fist for only $60. That was an insanely good price. The Haitian in me still tried to wager down to $55 but Rubens stuck to his guns despite the blackmail I had piled up against him lol.

I came up with the sketch and Rubens got to work. It took about less than an hour and it wasn't really painful. Waxing my eyebrows was more painful. Then again,  the place I went to get my eyebrows done had no mercy.

Me new tat was so chio that I felt all pin-up and rockabilty mode. I did my hair in an old school updo and did pin-up style makeup and dressed a way to give a nod the old school. I went to a fashion show that night (my first red carpet event) showing off my fresh new tattoo.  Sorry for the fat face guys, next time I'll remember to edit my pictures lmao.

So as I was getting interviewed at the fashion show, I was asked what this tattoo meant to me. Off the top of my head I said, "External Beauty. It's a reminder no matter what people say, I will always be beautiful."  So much better than "I saw it on someone else so I decided I wanted one."

Don't get me wrong, I always wanted a tattoo. The one I wanted was a tramp stamp of a butterfly and a crescent moon. It's the symbol of one of my character from my stories and I always felt so intuned with that character almost as if I was her (except less dramatic lifestyle and wayyy more rational). But being as I fear pain and I don't want to be labelled as a tramp while I'm still this young, I will wait till the book releases before I get the tattoo.

What's next for me and my tattoo?

Well once this baby finish healing I plan to start working out more, and get into modeling. Maybe do a little action on Godsgirls or just be more out there in general here on this blog. I already got inspo from pinterest.

I think in general tattoos spark quite a bit of  sexiness in people. I think in general people are just way more sexier when they have a tattoo. I do remember that there was a time a girl with a leopard print tattoo on her boobs came into the my place of employment and my crush was oogling her so much. I do admit, she was really attractive, but i think seeing her resparked my interest in tattoos. The rockability of it all, its just engulfing. I used to really be into Scene so this was not anything new.

Not to mention, now that I got a tattoo, men with tattoos just got hotter in my eyes. I mean well, they were already hot lol.

Just hope that one day, I am sexy tattooed blogger that I always wished to be lol.  And btw we are a very tatted generation. One day while working Drive-Thru at Micky Ds I saw so many people with visual tattoos, you could only imagine how many people had non-visual tattoos. So that 14% of the population with tattoos must be a lie in the Tri-State area, more like 30-40%

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  1. Congratz on your 1st tattoo, it looks nice! =D I live in a crappy town so I'm waiting until I can move to Atlanta to get a good quality one and can't WAIT!! XD I've always loved tattoos and body modification as well so I'm glad you're gonna blog more about it LOL, I want to do the same but it'll probably be a while since college takes all my money =P