Wednesday, July 17, 2013

BET is the Biggest Troll

I'm usually not into celeb business unless I'm really passionate. To be honest I haven't watched 106 and Park in 6 years. But I had to watch it for what's going on this week. 

They brought Bow Wow on to the set because they needed a sexy mainstream celebrity on the show. He was joking about hosting the show but the producers took it seriously. Bow Wow knows the industry, he has a tv voice, and he has a huge fanbase who would watch the show just for him. 

Angela being "best friends" with Bow Wow asked him if she could co-host. That was something she was really passionate about wanting to do. 

The chemistry they had on set was just too good. It left the audience guessing. "Are they dating on the DL" or "Are they just really good friends" . Personally I think two ways. Once you friend zone someone, they are permanently friend zone. However there are always exception to that rule. We will never know until they go public with some type of relationship; whether they date each other or date someone else. BET saw this a gold mining marketing opportunity. They decided to get rid of all the other hosts on the show and let Bow Wow and Angela Simmons hold down the countdown. 

They worked well together but its quite misleading. For example this clip from Angela's first visit. 

Then their responses for the fan questions about their relationship.

Instagram seems misleading at most. 

BET however likes to troll us. They will post up pictures like "Angela Simmons sends a smooch to her ex" 

and invite each of their ex's on the shows, respectfully. The picture above appeared on the BET website. 

It's part of a master marketing plan which must be annoying to the ones involved. Worst of it came when poor Bow Wow had both of his very public ex's on set for a whole week...

Despite all that, the whole week went through with upmost professionalism. You don't see any videos or pics of Bow Wow, Ciara, and Angela anywhere near each other backstage though so you can quite understand the relationship  between the three at that point. 

This marketing skill has still brought a boatload of viewers to 106 and Park which at one point was a dying show. I still believe that their is some hard feelings between Bow Wow and Ciara. Well I believe that Bow Wow still has some hard memories and two good hits from that relationships as a good a reminder. Angela just seems to the neutral person throughout that entire week. Ciara was just uber professional and at times it seemed the things she said was very well rehearse and insincere. 

As for Bow Wow and Angela... Lets just say I am rooting for them. Whether they are best friends or a couple, they are have really good chemistry. 

What do you guys think? Leave a comment down below!

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