Thursday, July 4, 2013

Washington, D.C.

So you may be thinking like this:

"It's so damn hot, I ain't trying to go anywhere this summer." 

"I ain't got any money but I need to get the hell out of this town for a day." 

"My girl ain't doing the things she used to do. Man she's trippin!" 

I have found your solution, a nice little getaway to go in Washington, D.C. 

A few weeks ago my ❤ and I went to D.C to shoot for a little project I have coming up, I didn't have much money nor did my ❤ but we managed to scrap about $150 together to attempt to go somewhere. We took the metro bus there which was about 46 bucks each(round-trip) and we spent the whole day traveling by subway. After my shoot which was early in the morning we spent the whole day out sight seeing hardly ever taking a break. I actually wasn't quite prepared for anything. All I had with me was a makeup bag and a change of clothes. But we made thing work and hustled our with a hotel owner to let us shower and get some necessities for only $20 we actually took our sweet time lol and made the most of our $20. 

After that we toured the city  and went sight seeing. I couldn't quite over how much it didn't feel like a city lol. It was forever in my vision just a simple big ass town. I'm too use to New York lol. 

Our first stop obviously the station which was really nice in comparison to Penn station and 42nd st. Sadly I forgot the name of the station already lol.

Another thing I like about D.C was the fact that I could take pictures, gawk around, and not worried about looking like a tourist. In manhattan I wouldn't do that because next minute everything u have will be stolen.

We got around by subway which already I'm not a big fan of. I like busing for everything. Washington has a bit of annoying subway system. 1. The system is color coded rather then letters or alphabets so if ur color blind, it might not be for you. Okay and understanding the routes took us a minute so afterwards it wasn't as bad but it wasn't effortless as manhattan subway system. Maybe because we aren't city kids it mad it even harder. 

But one thing I did like about D.C was the fact that they are really big on transportation by bikes. I really regret we didn't tour Washington bike but we didn't have enough money to do it. If u have the money I really suggest it.

First stop museum of Natural History. What I enjoyed about D.C was all the best things were free.

Next stop: 

National Zoo

Then the brown panda escaped the zoo and I got my famous (lol) news interview about the escape in which I actually thought a big panda had escaped the zoo. Thank you news team for not informing me of my obvious blunder. 

We left relatively quickly cuz I only cared for the pandas lol. 

Next stop:

White House

Which we ended up stopping at every monument before that on our way. The White House, which is part of the National Park, is really far from the nearest subway station but there is a lot monuments, statues, and points if interests on the way there. 

I don't know the name of any of the places we stopped here on out. I either forgot the name or didnt know to begin with. We were just improvising based on subway directions at this point and we were quite tired.

And we finally made it to the white house!

I was actually quite scared to my phone on the other side of the fence to take a picture. What if it dropped, what if my hand get shot for even touching white house property. But <3 and="" hand="" it="" my="" of="" out="" p="" picture.="" the="" took="">

Next stop:

Federal Triangle

Idk what's over here but it's right next to Smithothean museums so we kept crossing over those boundaries

And we ended up in the Museum of American history. We were quite upset because everything closes at 7 in D.C and we finally found lockers! It was already 6, so we found it as no use. But luckily there is outlets and a bench in the locker room so we took our time just chilling. 

I like this museum more because of its nods to pop culture and fashion.

Wait... This is British lol

Next stop:

National Park, at this time we were losing light and quite tired. 

"❤ come take a picture with me by the fountain"
"I'm too tired"
I walk away anyway.

"❤ why aren't you coming?" 
"I'm coming"
Never gets up but proceeds snapping photos from a distance. 

Proceeds on Marilyn Monroe vibe.

"There something in the water!"

Apparently the monument is on crunches cuz it took a boo boo

A gate keepers house but we can't go in -___-"

Congressional Park I think or something like that.

The Lincoln monument.

It was so breath taking how they immortalized him. 

Reminds me of the hundreds of marches on Washington.

And this is, I guess a newer attraction that I never heard of but it looks really cool and has the name of each state on it 

People went and waded in the fountain. Don't know how legal that is but it looked refreshing after the long walk in National Park.

After that we got back to the station and chilled and relaxed and caught the midnight bus back to New York. We didnt get back to manhattan till 5am went to do a shoot in manhattan for another project and the sleep deprived me was rushing. Done by 6am we tried to go to 42nd and buy bus ticket home. City that never sleeps my ass!!! First on Sunday night I hard time finding a place with a charger or finding something open at that time of night. Then now Tuesday morning, couldn't buy a bus ticket till. 9am. Had to go to Penn station and buy a train ticket and once in New Jersey did I realize that I had to wait an hour for the Pasack Valley line to come ugh. 

Then even worst once I was back home I became quite irritated with the busing system because here in the burbs the bus come once every hour. Okay, if the bus drivers weren't assholes and purposely drive past you or close the doors on you. I wouldn't care in the city because there's always a bus 15 minutes later. Bus drivers find no meaning in customer service. 

So that's it for my trip. I hope u guys enjoyed reading this.
I really think this is a good trip for couples rather than families or children. It's really cheap, and scenic, and beautiful. I mean even a recent high school grad (who works at McDonalds) can afford the trip then so can you!

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