Tuesday, August 13, 2013

How to make Men Take Us Seriously?

Ladies listen here!

Men have the tendency to categorize women in one of these four ways:

Mothers, Virgins, Slut, and Bitches.

None of these categories are suitable for the modern business woman.

But you can create your own image by selecting pieces of each archetype that work for you.

The Wisdom of the Mother

The Integrity of the Virgin

The Sexual Attraction of the Slut

The Independence of the Bitch 

“this leaves men confused and unable to pigeonhole you. What they are forced to do instead is… take you seriously.”

Thank you tumblr for proving a serious point. Why is it that woman must jump  through hoops just so men can take us seriously? There has been so many times I've been categorized these ways by not only men but my fellow women.  Then I got this type of blacklash over my recent post for one of the images I posted. This seriously made me think a little a bit.

What people don't realize that both men and women have insecurities and society  wraps us around the idea that we need to be perfect to find a mate and to succeed in business. However this is not true. Both those scenarios above does happen. But you got to be realistic on the pressure that is put on both sexes. I have guy friends who lift weights everyday for hours because society taught them that they must be super ripped to get the girl they want. They have gone to extremes to achieve their muscles and masculinity. That is what makes them get almost any girl they want. Which is sadly and bizarrely weird in my eyes how girls just throw themselve at these guys who they wouldn't even bat a lash at a few months ago. These same men could not find a job for their life until a while ago.

Same things go for females. It wont be hard for us to find jobs unless your unattractive and chubby. But even then men don't take us seriously. I always found it bizarre how chubby men would be the first to ask me out. I prefer men who are slim or undefined muscular (the ones with some chub and muscle). It mad me insecure actually. I thought it was because I was super fat and only guys who appreciated my curves were fat men (not being offensive, but that's how my vain mind works). But then I got muscular and I realized the same  pattern continued.  Then I realized something, those guys were only coming on to me wasn't because I was chubby it was because I seemed "easy". I was getting attention from my types and I didn't notice it because my head was too wrapped around the fact "Eww chubby guys."

When I worked at Mcdonalds I was classified as the "virgin" and because of that I was "easy prey" and every guy in the world was trying to talk to me at my little drive thru window. Then later on I was classified as the "slut" which was a title I already received in high school. Even so "easy prey". Towards  the end of my little mcdonalds career I became the "bitch". The no one wanted to mess with me at that point. In new career path I've still radiated the title the "bitch".

Now how do I change that? How do we make men take us seriously when it comes to relationships and business?

1. Follow the steps shown above. Take a little bit of each title and use it to your advantage.

2.Appearance DO COUNT! Like @SpokenReason said, no matter what appearances do count. If you dress like a slut, guys will think you are a slut. If you have a tongue ring or a tramp stamp, guys will think you are a slut. If you dress super conservative, guys will think you are a virgin. It's all about dressing just right to give a proper appearance. Guys won't wife a girl they think is a freak. They might hire you just to spice up office life.

3.Don't let drama effect you. Females are prone to drama. How do you fix that? Limit your conversations and interactions with other females above professional level unless you are really friendly with them. Don't be an effing social butterfly, do your work and go the eff home. If you become friendly with anyone, don't talk gossip. Eventually you will make friends without the drama trail of a bitch.

4.Act wise. USE YOUR HEAD BEFORE YOUR MOUTH! 'Nuff said.

Well that's all ladies. Step you shit up and see the money flow. Once you control men, in all honesty, you control the world. These men will be forced to reckon with you and take you as you truly are. A serious woman. 

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