Monday, September 30, 2013

The Things You Don't Know feat. My Darling Rainbow

Hello lovelies!

There aren't many blogging Queens this far west and Carisse Iris is one of those on the rise. If you haven't heard of her, SHAME ON YOU! But lucky you, I got the exclusive details on this blogger. She has unique style, impressive makeup skills, and 2 awesome blogs. Now you get to find out more about this super cute blogger. 

I skipped over the most commonly asked Questions and went straight for something different so here is "Things You May Not Know about My Darling Rainbow"

Q. Can you tell us about yourself?

A. Okay! So, my name is Carisse Iris and I run a blog and operate  under the title My Darling Rainbow. I'm coming upon 24 years od age and I don't have much to show for it but my Makeup Artistry certificate and a few wrinkles.

Q. How would you describe you style?

A. My style is something between himekaji gyaru and oneegyaru in a pastel spectrum.

Q. What made you get into blogging and what push you to keep blogging to this point?

A. I started blogging when I first got my MUA certicifate and I would post my client's makeup looks. But then, I got bored of it and just wanted to talk about myself, point blank. Eventually, I realized that people likes what I had to say and I wanted to post things not only about myself but that could help others be it tutorials, reviews, or just random life experiences... What keeps me going now is making my readers happy.

Q. What is the most worn item in my wardrobe?

A. Probably my American Apparel light blue skater skirt. It's perfect for summer.

Q. Since you are by profession, a makeup artist, how does fashion play a part in your life professionally and personally?

A. It plays a pretty big deal. As a makeup artist, you are your own billboard of your skills, and if you look good and put together, you get more clients and it helps instil confidence in your clients.. On top of it, I always like looking good when working with other people since I'll be in their face for a good hour and they'll be getting a good look at me.
Personally, It's not a big part but more something I do for fun and it makes me happy to look/dress the way I do.

Q. What inspires you the most as a makeup artist?

A.Gyaru makeup. Though, I'm never asked to do it on clients, I love doing flawless contour, blush and highlight on clients and using and amplifying their favourite features. Which is used quite often in gyaru makeup. I'd also be downsizing the fact, but obviously, my clients inspire me because once I see my canvas I get to visualize what to do to bring out and polish their natural beauty!

Q. Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

A. Let's see... In 10 years I'll be 34. So, hopefully by then I'll have my business degree and maybe have my own desert cafe and it'll do well enough to support me and make others happy.

Q. What major tips would you give out to girls who are aspire in the world of makeup, fashion or blogging?

A.My major tip is to just go for it. If you don't know anything about what you want to do, don't be afraid to contact someone you look up to and ask for help or the steps they took to get where they are. I've realized that hesitation won't get you anywhere. It's better to keep trying and failing than to watch from the sidelines and trying to make a master plan. Also, networking will get you anywhere and everywhere! Never turn down a party and talk to everyone. The best thing you can learn is how to fake a smile and how to treat everyone nicely even if you might dislike them, because you get more flies with honey than with vinegar

I want to give a special thank you to Carisse Iris! She was super sweet and really kind enough to let me interview her for this special blog segment! If you don't follow her, go read her main blog and tumblr.

Thank you for reading and I hope you guys are keeping up with My Darling Rainbow!  

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Jesus & Antonio Estrada Spring 2014 Collection

Have you ever had a Cinderella moment? I've came to believe that I rack up so much bad luck so consistently that some good luck just strangely turns my way. This event happened two days after a series of misfortune events.

In the midst of me trying to get some projects done, going to school, and  going to work, I honestly don't have much free time nor do I have the resources to enjoy my free time. Whenever I have free time and the resources I take a trip to FIT, get some spirit and enjoy the good times with my best friends.

Last week however was a very unlucky week. I had very little to no resources, I had no hours at work and really sleep deprived and irritated at myself.  I winded down in Manhattan, spending the last of resources that Tuesday, just to find out that two things were happening on Thursday that I wouldn't be able to attend: Michelle Phan's Meet and Greet and Estrada's Spring Fashion Show.

Finally a ray of luck shined on me, my professor for Intro to Fashion Industries sprung my class some discounted tickets to the Estrada Fashion Show.

If you don't know about the Estrada Twins then you're obviously living under a rock. Jesus Estrada was participant on Project Runway Season 7 while Antonio Estrada was featured on Discover En Espanol's Norte Sur, a fashion documentary. They both have their quite a bit of celeb status and plus they are really good looking.

I was super excited; since I almost missed out because I rsvp very late, I couldn't find the outfit I orignally had intended on wearing so I had to run back and forth between White Plains and Rockland County (by bus btw which is the worst thing ever), then a huge thunderstorm (one of the worst I've ever seen) came down on us. That doesn't even cover half the bad luck I had that day. 

Beside the rain, there was a good turn out. The proceeds were going to charity and there was a bit of famous people there. The show felt really intimate (I happened to be the only one to publicly flip out to see Jesus Estrada less than a foot away behind my classmate, thank god I had food in my mouth so he didn't quite notice fml) and the scenery was nothing less then gorgeous. It was a huge contrast to the plain runways that I'm used to seeing. 

In comparison to everyone that was there, I stuck out like a sore thumb!

I couldn't find the clothes I originally picked (and still can't wtf) so I just wore whatever in a room fully of very chic fashionistas. I recognized some bloggers there but I was too scared to talk to any of them. I didn't have a dslr and a chanel clutch. I had a battered vinatage bag, 2 point and shoot cameras  (both of whom I gave up on and used my ipod's camera). 

Anyway focusing on the show. Did I fail to mention how gorgeous the runway was? Everything was floral and portrayed a beautiful yet Gothic imagery of a forest. The collection itself however was hardly Gothic.

The collection did have the somewhat dark imagery which is somewhat classic to the Estrada style. The designers ignored the supposed mainstream trends for Spring 2014 (which included washed out pastels and pale color-schemes) instead the opted for various of subtle pinks, golds, acid dye fabric along with their signature black. 

I don't think I've seen many designers who would boldly put that much black in a Spring line but I loved it! They did stick to some trends however. They featured trendy silhouettes  like the feminine bouffant (bell-shaped) and less structured tubular silhouettes.

I was in so much awe (and hassling to take pictures and notes at the same time fml) that I was super upset when the show ended. Too soon for me.
My classmates were in even more less composed awe. One of them actually started tearing lol. 
After the show, we watched as guests and press stormed the designers. At first, I didn't want to bother them and I was hoping I could just take a pic or two. Then I caught myself, when my classmate said "Man, I would do anything to be on that runway."

For my dreams I would do anything right? So why wasn't I mingling with these models and talking to Jesus and Antonio Estrada?!

So my first prey was Andria Lynn, follow her on instagram @_trippylynn ! I did a quick Q and A with her.  She stood out to me the most on the runway and she was brimming confidence. 

Q. How did you get into this show?

A:  Well the Estradas designed my sisters prom dress an we kept a good family relationship since. So you know...

Q. How did you feel about this show?

A: It was amazing!! The show had so much energy and the models are all very friendly. You can never really understand how great it feels until you spend those few seconds on the catwalk.

I also asked model Hally Thoron similar questions.
Q. How did you find out about this show?
A. I actually walked in their store one day and the brothers were like "Woah! Do you want to do our show?"
Q. How did you feel about this show?
A. The clothes were fabulous!!

Q. Are you willing to participate in the next show?
A. Of course!! The show was so much fun.

I managed to even bother Jesus despite he was sooo obviously busy. Everyone was swamping him and Antonio. 

Q. May I ask what inspired when you were working on this collection?
A. Just the feeling of spring and nature, really. I always like darker colors for my line so this was no exception. 

Can you imagine how happy I was as I was leaving? So happy that I managed to break a glass...
Designers always have been a driving force of inspiration for me and the fact that I got to attend his show and be able to share this with all of you is an even bigger excitement for me. 

Thank you Jesus and Antonio for allowing to attend, thank you for inviting us to your next show in October. Thank you to the models that I got to talk to and take pictures with. Make sure to follow the twins on twitter and instagram to keep up with them and find out about more shows @jesusestrada and @tonioestrada

They have their own shop Marteal & Estrada that sells custom and ready wear clothes. They are quite well known for their prom dresses. 

Guess who wears their clothes?? Yep, Carly Rose Sonenclar. You may know her as the runner up from Season 2- X-Factor. 

Now tips for attending fashion show:

1. If you are going to take pictures make sure you are ready for all types of weather! It rained so hard that my freshly curled hair had frizzed to the max. I fixed this twisting and braiding my hair into a neat bun but the damage was already done. Next time I will have a weave in my head!!

2. Mingle!! Make friends as much as you can, you never know!

3. Dslr or iphone 5. Anything else is not suited for taking pics on the runway.

4. Always wear heels, the industry runs on heels.

Other than that good luck my fellow fashionistas and hopefully we will see each other at another show!

Friday, September 13, 2013

College + #ootd

College has been quite a busy for me. I'm trying to hard to be stylish, make money and have fun. Progressing toward my career goals is the biggest hurdle while my lack of sleep and boring classes slowing me down.

But I have been succeeding...

Lately I've been in a wandering office between public transport and the school library.

Every morning starts off like this in a bathroom somewhere. Whether its on campus or at Seacaus Junction. In some ways, since high school, things haven't changed. 

Anyway, here are some ootds from college and work.  The one above is from my second day  on the job.

Point: Leggings and denim shirt for ultimate casual look.

Shirt: JcPenny
Leggings: Forever 21
Jewelry: Charlotte Russe
Shoes: Target

2nd Day of Class- the first day is uploaded on my instagram! I suggest you to go look! @moonangelko
Point:  You can't see the subtle details here but tights have a bow pattern, the collar has rhinestones and I'm wearing big cross earring, Subtle details make an outfit from boring to cute in an instant!

Shirt: JcPenny (plus size section, I tied the shirt to make it fit)
Shorts: Strawberry  (a nyc store, shorts are on sale for $5 there)
Leggings: Dots 
Boots: Charlotte Russe (I got them when I still worked there and had a generous discount)
Bag: Random Manhattan shop ($10 only!!! O.o)

This is actually an older ootd. Party wear. I lost that earring tho, it was so pretty!! 

Top: Charlotte Russe (no longer in stock)
Skirt: JcPenny
Jewelry: Charlotte Russe

My most liked ootd ever! Its was something I just randomly threw together lol. But I managed to destroy that top however, spilled ice coffee all over it -__-

Point: Mix match jewelry to draw attention to you

Top: Papaya
Leggings: Idk I think HM or somewhere similar
Boots: Charlotte Russe
Motto Jacket: Forever 21 (only $15 on sale while supplies last!!)
Jewelry: One is a necklace I forgot to return to my friend, then everything else is from Charlotte Russe

Another well praised ootd. I wanted to go for a very feminine look. 
 Point: Mixing laces create a very girl look

Top: Forever 21 (my store has this in excess so come buy $11 only)
Skirt: Jcpenny 
Stockings: Charlotte Russe
Shoes: Vintage 
Jewelry: Charlotte Russe

It's quite obvious to see that I'm obsessed with charlotte russe jewelry and forever 21 clothing.

As for College life. I'm hardly ever on my campus and there isn't much to do here (siigh commuter schools) 

But if I have the money (which is scarce these days lol) I hop on a train to Fashion Insitute of Technology to meet up with my friends there. If you go there, we should meet up one day!

I really just spend my time on their campus doing little to nothing. 

Maybe some street snaps here and then!

Yesterday I met up with my friend Nelly. We are both wearing jewelry from random shops along 7th avenue. Super cheap and way more cuter.

We <3 br="" city="" shopping="">

Then we commute back to our little corner of the world.

I've become more lacsadaisical in college it appears. I paint my nails, and instagram during class now :(. Don't worry guys I do study hard at times too!

College and city foodie pics:

Okay lovelies and thats a wrap of my oh so college life. Next time I'll write something waayyy more exciting!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Next Chapter: College

My co-worker just told me that I really should take pictures of my outfits. Little does she know lol.

Now guys, this a little personal post hopefully either helps you or give you something good to read. 

Now I'm going to throw something at you that might have thought about before. Our lives are full of stories. We combine each one of our stages of life into one huge chapter. Then at some point a chapter ends, and after a bit of commercial advertisement, a new one begins. We always call it the "Next Chapter" where we start fresh. We are anew again and we erase away a few year of stupidity to make room for some more wisdom. 

This, i will not deny, was a hard post to write. I first drafted this up in July O.o. Its hard to make a post like this without finding a source to complain about.

Since I already started college I thought I had to write this post no matter what! 

Last June, against all odds and a lot of fighting with the guidance office, I graduated High School. My senior year was a really tough one because my priorities weren't straight. I was working full time to fuel my unpredictable lifestyle, I was skipping classes too often cuz I was too tired to get up at 6:30am to make it to school by 7:15am. 

But I did it, even though my previously 3.3 gpa took a nosedive. Honestly I lost all direction. I didn't even finish the application process to my 3 choice schools...

I honestly wasnt driven nor did I know what I wanted to do with my life. I thought if I advanced quickly in my stint at McDonald's, I would make it to a high enough caliber that I would skip starting from the bottom in another industry ( which I was wrong). Then I realized a girl like me, was the only person there who was educated enough to not have to take remedial classes and passed all her regents the first time around, why was i wasting my time at a job when my caliber was way higher? 

I quit once I graduated high school, and started at a fashion retail store and an internship, both to show me two different prospects of the path I wanted to go to college for. Retail was really straight forward and was just a combination of skills i already had learned from Marching  Band and McDonald's. My internship showed me PR, running fashion shows, model agencies and etc. The dedication to this line of work was cumbersome but satifying. 

I had to quit my first retail job to find a higher paying job to pay my debt and education fees. So now I'm working at a fashion giant. The hours are long, the work is hard and tedious, but the pay is great and the experience is even better. However without a doubt I'll be working full time and to top that off I'm spending everyday in school with 14 credits (probably will  jump to 20 credits) to earn. 

Wait, what? 

The dream is to do 2 things in my life time career wise.

1. Design and manufacture my own line of ready-wear clothes and open an online and 1 physical store. This is however is the back up, and side job. 

2. Become a strong and distinct writer, with magazine features, blogs, and books. This is why my communication degree will be useful.  This is the overall dream. Everything else will just fall in place later on. 

For dream #2 I started this blog. It's not a niche blog, but I hope to one day develop such a distinct voice in writing I'll be comparable to famous bloggers like Xiaxue. The goal of this blog, is to help others while I try to discover myself as a writer. 

To establish these dreams Im going to apply and keep applying to FIT until I get in. I'm going to work hard this semester so that I can afford to dorm or rent appartment, and transfer to another store in the region. 

I'm going to have to overcome some serious hurdles. 1 being my lisp tends to limit me as in prospects, 2 my outspoken personality tends to get me in trouble. With this new job, I try to stay as politically correct as possible.  As for my lisp, it really makes people think I'm retarded. I, who graduated high school with college credits, have the literary comprehension of grad student, was dropped to level way lower because my th sounds aren't perfect... That's ridiculous. I realized in high school I easily  made myself a superior being because I worked harder to proved that I was smart. In employment and college, i have to start over. 

Yes I lose out on a ton of college experiences, I will struggle a bit and I will have to make some very hard choices but without struggle where is the accomplishment? 

Sometimes things don't go as plan, sometimes dreams aren't more than just that: dreams. People will try to bring me down, people will tell me I will never be able to do it. I don't care for any of that, as long as I try and keep trying until something is achieved.  

I want to "Break Through in the Fashion World" or "Break Through in the Social Media World" What's the title of your next chapter? 

Tell me you next chapter title in the comments below!!

Thanks for reading!

Xoxo, @moonangelko