Friday, September 13, 2013

College + #ootd

College has been quite a busy for me. I'm trying to hard to be stylish, make money and have fun. Progressing toward my career goals is the biggest hurdle while my lack of sleep and boring classes slowing me down.

But I have been succeeding...

Lately I've been in a wandering office between public transport and the school library.

Every morning starts off like this in a bathroom somewhere. Whether its on campus or at Seacaus Junction. In some ways, since high school, things haven't changed. 

Anyway, here are some ootds from college and work.  The one above is from my second day  on the job.

Point: Leggings and denim shirt for ultimate casual look.

Shirt: JcPenny
Leggings: Forever 21
Jewelry: Charlotte Russe
Shoes: Target

2nd Day of Class- the first day is uploaded on my instagram! I suggest you to go look! @moonangelko
Point:  You can't see the subtle details here but tights have a bow pattern, the collar has rhinestones and I'm wearing big cross earring, Subtle details make an outfit from boring to cute in an instant!

Shirt: JcPenny (plus size section, I tied the shirt to make it fit)
Shorts: Strawberry  (a nyc store, shorts are on sale for $5 there)
Leggings: Dots 
Boots: Charlotte Russe (I got them when I still worked there and had a generous discount)
Bag: Random Manhattan shop ($10 only!!! O.o)

This is actually an older ootd. Party wear. I lost that earring tho, it was so pretty!! 

Top: Charlotte Russe (no longer in stock)
Skirt: JcPenny
Jewelry: Charlotte Russe

My most liked ootd ever! Its was something I just randomly threw together lol. But I managed to destroy that top however, spilled ice coffee all over it -__-

Point: Mix match jewelry to draw attention to you

Top: Papaya
Leggings: Idk I think HM or somewhere similar
Boots: Charlotte Russe
Motto Jacket: Forever 21 (only $15 on sale while supplies last!!)
Jewelry: One is a necklace I forgot to return to my friend, then everything else is from Charlotte Russe

Another well praised ootd. I wanted to go for a very feminine look. 
 Point: Mixing laces create a very girl look

Top: Forever 21 (my store has this in excess so come buy $11 only)
Skirt: Jcpenny 
Stockings: Charlotte Russe
Shoes: Vintage 
Jewelry: Charlotte Russe

It's quite obvious to see that I'm obsessed with charlotte russe jewelry and forever 21 clothing.

As for College life. I'm hardly ever on my campus and there isn't much to do here (siigh commuter schools) 

But if I have the money (which is scarce these days lol) I hop on a train to Fashion Insitute of Technology to meet up with my friends there. If you go there, we should meet up one day!

I really just spend my time on their campus doing little to nothing. 

Maybe some street snaps here and then!

Yesterday I met up with my friend Nelly. We are both wearing jewelry from random shops along 7th avenue. Super cheap and way more cuter.

We <3 br="" city="" shopping="">

Then we commute back to our little corner of the world.

I've become more lacsadaisical in college it appears. I paint my nails, and instagram during class now :(. Don't worry guys I do study hard at times too!

College and city foodie pics:

Okay lovelies and thats a wrap of my oh so college life. Next time I'll write something waayyy more exciting!

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