Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Next Chapter: College

My co-worker just told me that I really should take pictures of my outfits. Little does she know lol.

Now guys, this a little personal post hopefully either helps you or give you something good to read. 

Now I'm going to throw something at you that might have thought about before. Our lives are full of stories. We combine each one of our stages of life into one huge chapter. Then at some point a chapter ends, and after a bit of commercial advertisement, a new one begins. We always call it the "Next Chapter" where we start fresh. We are anew again and we erase away a few year of stupidity to make room for some more wisdom. 

This, i will not deny, was a hard post to write. I first drafted this up in July O.o. Its hard to make a post like this without finding a source to complain about.

Since I already started college I thought I had to write this post no matter what! 

Last June, against all odds and a lot of fighting with the guidance office, I graduated High School. My senior year was a really tough one because my priorities weren't straight. I was working full time to fuel my unpredictable lifestyle, I was skipping classes too often cuz I was too tired to get up at 6:30am to make it to school by 7:15am. 

But I did it, even though my previously 3.3 gpa took a nosedive. Honestly I lost all direction. I didn't even finish the application process to my 3 choice schools...

I honestly wasnt driven nor did I know what I wanted to do with my life. I thought if I advanced quickly in my stint at McDonald's, I would make it to a high enough caliber that I would skip starting from the bottom in another industry ( which I was wrong). Then I realized a girl like me, was the only person there who was educated enough to not have to take remedial classes and passed all her regents the first time around, why was i wasting my time at a job when my caliber was way higher? 

I quit once I graduated high school, and started at a fashion retail store and an internship, both to show me two different prospects of the path I wanted to go to college for. Retail was really straight forward and was just a combination of skills i already had learned from Marching  Band and McDonald's. My internship showed me PR, running fashion shows, model agencies and etc. The dedication to this line of work was cumbersome but satifying. 

I had to quit my first retail job to find a higher paying job to pay my debt and education fees. So now I'm working at a fashion giant. The hours are long, the work is hard and tedious, but the pay is great and the experience is even better. However without a doubt I'll be working full time and to top that off I'm spending everyday in school with 14 credits (probably will  jump to 20 credits) to earn. 

Wait, what? 

The dream is to do 2 things in my life time career wise.

1. Design and manufacture my own line of ready-wear clothes and open an online and 1 physical store. This is however is the back up, and side job. 

2. Become a strong and distinct writer, with magazine features, blogs, and books. This is why my communication degree will be useful.  This is the overall dream. Everything else will just fall in place later on. 

For dream #2 I started this blog. It's not a niche blog, but I hope to one day develop such a distinct voice in writing I'll be comparable to famous bloggers like Xiaxue. The goal of this blog, is to help others while I try to discover myself as a writer. 

To establish these dreams Im going to apply and keep applying to FIT until I get in. I'm going to work hard this semester so that I can afford to dorm or rent appartment, and transfer to another store in the region. 

I'm going to have to overcome some serious hurdles. 1 being my lisp tends to limit me as in prospects, 2 my outspoken personality tends to get me in trouble. With this new job, I try to stay as politically correct as possible.  As for my lisp, it really makes people think I'm retarded. I, who graduated high school with college credits, have the literary comprehension of grad student, was dropped to level way lower because my th sounds aren't perfect... That's ridiculous. I realized in high school I easily  made myself a superior being because I worked harder to proved that I was smart. In employment and college, i have to start over. 

Yes I lose out on a ton of college experiences, I will struggle a bit and I will have to make some very hard choices but without struggle where is the accomplishment? 

Sometimes things don't go as plan, sometimes dreams aren't more than just that: dreams. People will try to bring me down, people will tell me I will never be able to do it. I don't care for any of that, as long as I try and keep trying until something is achieved.  

I want to "Break Through in the Fashion World" or "Break Through in the Social Media World" What's the title of your next chapter? 

Tell me you next chapter title in the comments below!!

Thanks for reading!

Xoxo, @moonangelko 


  1. I also want to improve my blog and find myself as a writer, I started college last month and my 1st goal is to graduate from my 2 year college and go onto a 4 year college so I can become a Graphic Designer. My 2nd goal is to move to the city and try to get into alternative modeling because I've always wanted to do it since I was little + everyone tells me I should become one LOL.

    But just like you'd like your blog to become more popular so do I, my blog is also just a Lifestyle blog right now with no main topic but I hope someday I'll find something that I really want to keep on blogging about and it'd be nice to be a little more well known over the internet but I don't really want to because I like my privacy and have seen how well known bloggers and vloggers get a bunch of drama from people thinking they know everything about their life and them just because they share a part of it to the public.

  2. Your blog SUCKS. You should check out SINGAPORE BEST FOOD & TRAVEL BLOG -

    Your blog is just a small fraction of his blog! LOSER!! And you look like a FAG!!

  3. You, my friend, obviously have no life. I never said my blog was great and I actually enjoy mrstyleking's blog. Don't shame him with your comments. Annnd how do i look like a fag if i'm a girl? Is there something I'm missing out here or you're too illiterate to make any coherent comments?

  4. Lol, we are too similar. I also wanted to get into tattoo modeling to make a bit of money, idk if or when I'll do it. Also on the privacy part, I think that's non-existent once you put your career in the media world. Heck, the other day I met someone who read my blog on my college campus. Drama is going to follow us no matter what we do (whether its from readers or colleagues), knowing to let nothing bother you, is when you really learn how to survive in this world, in my opinion

  5. I was thinking more of the Alt models that do edgy fashion, LOL but still thats cool I don't really have a lot of tattoos in mind that I want atm but would really like a lot once I find a great artist to do them.

    IDK about the "non-existent" part if you're just popumar on the Internet, I know what you mean but I think well known Actors etc. would have more of a problem with that than people who are only famous on the internet.

    Oh and I can handle petty internet drama LOL, I mean the crazy drama that gets out of hand like when someone goes so far that you have to call the Police or something because I've had that happen from a stalker on my old blog and really never want to go through something that stressful again ugh =/

    But if it's just people over the internet I think I'd do fine with that since I don't really post anything too personal and I like meeting people from my blog or whatever in real life (as long as they're nice) ^__^