Thursday, October 3, 2013

Ariana Grande + Skater Skirts

If you keep up with my instagram, you must know about my obsession with skirts. But just not any type of skirts, I love skater skirts.  I like the flippy, flirty image the skirts create. If the skirt is pleated it makes a very schoolish look. If the skirt is fuller in shape, it create an illusion of fuller hips (and hides my muffin top lol)

This probably explains my love of casual lolita and schoolgirl uniforms.

This explains my love of Ariana Grande's style. To be honest, everyone (including myself) in my graduating class never quite understood how or why she wasn't casted as the title character in Victorious. She was ten times the singer and actress than seasoned actress Victoria Justice was.  I mean everyone in the cast just seemed way more talented then her to me.

Ariana Grande has just a beautiful innocent look that vibes the 1950s style. Maybe I'm just in love with anything that's not modern, I just hate this 2000s time period. The music isn't as good, the style is lame, so many things. However every period except the 70s and 60s, gets me so inspired  and
 want to adapt that into my style. Everything about Ariana from makeup, to music just vibes that "I'm born in the wrong time-period" feels that I just can't help but love.

Several Ways to Wear a Skater Skirt:

My favorite way to a skater skirt is just with a nice blouse. Typically for me, it's a nice collared button down.

#2 Way is to  pair it with a blazer and blouse. This is awesome way to make the skater skirt office appropiate.

If you want casual it up, pair it with a loose knit  sweater. 

For a night out on the town, any night-life top looks great with a skater skirt.

Last but not least the ultimate casual look is with a denim jacket. EVERYTHING looks casual with a denim jacket.

From sidewalk to catwalk, I really feel that skater skirts are going to be such a long lasting trend. Might even persist into becoming a classic item like pencil skirts or cardigan. *Crosses fingers with hope*

This would be my typical outfit, if I was trying to mimick Ariana Grande.

I own about 6 different skater skirts but I only wear only 2 or 3 of them rather often. 

What;s your favorite item in your wardrobe? 

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