Sunday, October 6, 2013

Liz Lisa/ Tralala/ Jugetta A/W 2013 Concept

So lately I've been wanting to get in touch with the side of me that was rambunctious and creative like I was when 16. I think in some ways it's a maturity thing and other ways it's  suppression. I used to never care what others thought of me, flaunt my single status with no cares in the world. I dressed the way I somewhat wanted to and wore whatever man-repelling style I wanted. Back then gyaru inspired me but high school pressure made me not pursue it beyond my bedroom. Then I got a boyfriend and had to bring it down a  notch. I brought it down about 10  notches  down. Now I'm free, f@ck the social order that compressed my style freedom to a box.

Soooo if you've been reading my crap blog for that long then you must know that when I was 16, I was obsessed everything that was Liz Lisa (I still blame Xiaxue and Cheesie for that). 2 years later not much has changed. It inspired my style and even now, I look for look-alikes when ever I enter a Forever 21.  This season, Liz Lisa did a super well job bringing together my current style: French Retro! They even swapped their typical catalog for a magazine! I'm in love.

This is the exact style I've been loving this season; french, retro and girly. I love every piece that is being displayed here and the best part is, I work at a mall where I can find tons of similar items.

Tralala wasn't a brand that I was  into last spring. They also went for a retro french concept.

If only I could wear this stuff as good as these models O.o...

Jugetta was the only brand from the company that owns Liz Lisa to really upset me. It was nowhere as nearly as good as it was when it first debuted.  I guess they are having a change in target audience or something because the whole look was 10x maturer then before thus no longer suiting my taste -__-.

The stuff above was the items I did like. Everything else in their collection just was meehhhh.

Anyway what do you guys think of this collection?


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