Monday, October 28, 2013

October Fashion on a Budget Coords

Like always, I'm full of plans. Working a lot and an internship. The plan now is to go to Japan in March. So with that in mind, I'm trying to save up as much money as possible. Also network with some Tokyo-based bloggers to meet up with and get their view of the city. Lose some weight too cuz I'll be taking a lot of photos. This trip in march is just a sampler to see if I truly want to study abroad in Japan. As much as everyone keeps making Japan seem like the best place in the world, you never know till you experience it yourself.

So if you are going to Japan in March, let me know. Also in a couple of days- Galoween (gyaru x halloween) in Manhattan is supposed to happen. We don't have enough people as of yet, but if you want to meet up anyway. Also let me know. Just leave a comment below or on my facebook page. We can cordinate from there.

Now Lets Talk Fashion
 September into October had a lot of fashion going on. As you know, we came out of fashion month and moved into Halloween month.  I got inspired, saw some weird, and over worked myself into exhaustion.

Every few weeks, I take some of my paycheck and spend it on fashion. It's a necessity for me. I need to look chic for the things that I do, however it has to be extremely affordable. It's hard to shop through the sale racks too. Fast Fashion items aren't meant to last. If the item is on sale; it means its from one or two seasons ago, its not faring well with sales, or "just can't give it away". So most sale items are either fugly or you just wear it once and it hides in your closet until you throw it away. So I hunt mostly for cheap stores versuses sale items. Cheap stores like conway, prices are already discounted to under $10 and with good care, the item will last longer then it's expected lifespan.

My motto is: If it's more then $12 bucks and its not designer, it's not worth the buy. Exceptions to this rule will be clothes from discount resellers like Marshalls and Burlington then I cap off at $20 (more exceptions at the end of this post). Even clothes from HM and New Yorker which are mid-price are made from cheap fabrics so why pay the price for something cheap??

My favorite outfit :)
Top: Conway ($5)
Skirt: HM (sale) ($10)
Socks: Conway
Earrings: Charlotte Russe <3 p="">Hat: (which was my favorite thing in the world until I lost it =__=) Conway

I honestly don't get any respect as a blogger because I'm always posing in my school's bathroom lol

Jacket: Forever 21 (sale price $15)
Scarf: Charlotte Russe ($5)
Skirt: Jcpenny (gifted)
Tights: Dots (idr)
Booties: Dots
Sunnies: Midtown Manhattan Street Vendor ($5)

I'm obsessed with that scarf okay

Cardigan: Conway ($7)
Burgundy Leather Leggings: Forever 21 ($10)
Scarf: Charlotte Russe ($5)

Blouse: Conway ($7)
Skirt: JCP
Tights: Dots
Boots: Dots
Earrings: Charlotte Russe

Voila same outfit, 2 ways to wear it.

Now the last one preludes into some of the things I've been doing.

Blouse: Forever 21 (sale $15)
High Waisted Shorts:  Thrifted
Tights: Social Apparel (2.99)
Jewelry: Charlotte Russe

For girls like me, who continously buy clothes no matter how big my wardrobe is. There is no reason to pay the extra price for clothes. Stay cheap, look chic.

Other exceptions to the cap-off rule:
Items that are classics (things that aren't going out of style for a long time; i.e jeans, cardigans)
Quality fabrics (you can fee the difference)
Speciality Designs (i.e spray painted t-shirts)

Hopefully these tips help you :) Good luck and Stay Chic

P.S 1 step closer to my tech dreams:

My new laptop 

Now I just need a dslr camera and I'll be happy.

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  1. Congratz on the new laptop and your outfits are so cute!! I'm the same way when shopping, but since I'm so picky I usually will buy something if I like it and have the money because I never really like what they have each time I go shopping >__< I feel you on the DSLR too, I can't even take mirror pictures because my phone is crappy and the camera I do have only takes good photos of objects *sigh*