Sunday, November 17, 2013

Galloween NYC

I know Halloween was a while ago but I haven't had the chance to post about it until now lol...

I cleared one thing off my bucket list. I finally met the NYC gals. Well I got to meet a few of them. I met Lisa (Sayuri) and Hannah (whose online name I don't really know). They are both cool and really fun to party with. Halloween night was just sooo crazy in the city. I'm glad I went!

These photos were some of the few I managed to uncover from photographers that shot me that day . I got my photo taken so many times by various of bloggers and even reporters. I didn't think my costume was that great (it was just aspects of my usual clothes and a target add ons)

The worst part was I lost my IPod which held all my photos from that night. I took pictures with the cutest costumes too -__- 


Top: Agaci ($15~)
Bottoms: Conway ($5)
Necklace being used as a belt : Forever 21 ($8)
Ears, bowtie, bracelet set: Target ($8)

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