Monday, December 30, 2013

Navel Piercing

I was never too into the whole body modification scene. I always did think tattoo were cool but I never imagined that someday I would get a real one. I always did have a morbid fear of pain. When I was younger I remember accidentally watching LaToya Jackson spazzing out while getting her belly button pierced so I was always scared of piercings. I had my lopes pierced since I was young and no longer remember any discomfort. My parents are also firmly against any type of body modification. My mom's always trying to dissuade me from everything with the craziest excuse (like piercings hurt a whole ton and the area is just gonna get infected and fall off) but this is the same person that told me that splits would rip my vagina and heels would make my period worst because I'm tall (btw I'm only 5'6 I'm not monster tall).

There is nothing wrong with being regular height
It's not like I always wanted my belly pierced. I always wanted a monroe piercing or a nose piercing and even a tongue piercing. Belly piercing was just something that was just floating around me consistently. 

My favorite blogger, Xiaxue had one.

The Queen Beyonce has one.

Two of my friends got theirs done recently so I started to like em but I had one problem... Err fat stomach.
The surest sign of a ratchet.

I literally spent over a year deciding on this. In the end,  I was like, it's my body, fuck it and let me do whatever I want. Belly rings are super cute and I wanted something that would cover my ugly belly button.

So without my mother knowing knowing, I took the train to Fordham, Bronx after class (the day after the train derailment on a close by train line wtf) and went to a piercing place walking distance (Marion's Tattoos) from the station. I got to the piercing place and they told me the piercer left for the day FML. I was so pissed because I had set up an appointment and everything and I wasn't planning on returning to Bronx anytime soon. I remembered that many people mentioned Hectors as where they got piercings done. There's even youtube videos up from people's visits at his parlor.

He was really cool and very thorough in explaining everything. Took 5 minutes and he only charged me $25!! In the metro-suburbs that I live in it cost $35 plus an extra fee for the jewelry. The pain wasn't much but it was a tid bit sore all day (mostly because my stomach rolls were bouncing piercing back and forth every time I sat down. The best part is Hector recommends to back for a check up in 3 weeks and he gives you 2 free rings if you do as well as change the ball/ring during the session. To avoid an infection I will probably only change the ball.

The instagram pic I posted that day. I also had my tat touched up.
I'm super stressed about avoiding getting sick and keeping the piercing clean (which has already proven to be a challenge). So far, I've been doing good and it's no longer sore. My only concern is that I dance so the sweat and the constant core movement might effect my healing process.

Me dancing the week I got my belly pierced, no photoshop wtf.

 Usually my belly ring is more of a private thing and I dont show it off.
What's next? Maybe I won't punk out of getting my industrial, maybe I'll even get my nipple pierced (haha fuck no, me=morbid fear of pain). Who knows whats next on the spontaneous-living-for-the-moment-college-life.