Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Size 8 Model is Plus Size

Hello Lovelies, above is a bit of a sneak peek to a project I'm working on :). Lately I've done a few model gigs and I figured why not I really go into it seriously part time. Something to help pay college and learn how to take critism. I've signed on with a local agency and honestly I have a very long way to go before I can become anything. But I love it and it's such a cool experience so far. 

One thing that has been firmly placed as an obstacle however just happens to be my size. I have a gut, big boobs, and wide hips which all contribute to me being in between a Size 8 and Size 10. What I didn't know was it made me a plus size model.

At first I thought wow that's crazy because I mostly fit into mediums and even smalls but I didn't throw any contest to it. It's whatever. What really blew me over was that even in casting calls I often got rejected for being "too small". If I was to go to a straight size casting, I would be told I'm too big. Seriously?? (>__<)

There is no fair playing field in modeling, your either a size 4 or a 14. No one wants to see an Average Annie. 

Okay, cool, cool... maybe I should look at exotic modeling and club promotions. Like Crystal Renay, you know....

You got to have a big boobs, an even bigger butt, and an even flatter stomach. I no longer have a flat stomach, I have a bit of pudge and my ass is not that round. Honestly no type of workout could make me look like that^^. It all only comes down to either working out until I'm a size 6 or getting plastic surgery. Both things I'm not too ecstatic about and even question the possibility. I probably can't even get down to a size 6 because my hips are wide and bony.

Even Alternative Modeling is a tough one. I don't have enough tattoos or piercing for that -___-. Yea maybe I could dress a certain way for certain shoots but any model could do Alternative if it doesn't involve tattoos and piercing.

For now, I'm just keep hitting thy gym whenever there is space on my heavy schedule (I mean 2 jobs, college, and modeling- no biggie right). 

But you know what's really crazy?

A campaign like this. One the right is a size 4 model and on the left is a size 8. 

No, fashion is not created equal and it shouldn't be played off as if it is. There is no such thing as one size fits all. Instead of putting a regular size 8 they should  of a size 14 on the cover for some realism.

 I honestly don't vibe to this shoot and I wish they had done it properly.

Well that's all I had to say lovelies. 

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  1. I love that picture of you and congratz on getting into an agency!

    I've been forced to do freelance modeling because I don't live close enough to any + there are very few agencys for alternative models. Actually you don't really need body modifications to be an alternative model, but it's true that it's mostley the edgy look they need and the right "I'm a badass" attitude for photoshoots LOL.

    It sucks about your size though, that's why I like freelancing because I'm a size 5 but if I go to castings they always say I need to take out my piercings (prob. wont even consider me once I get my tattoos LOL) and want me to gain more weight because I'm also a little bony from my super high metabolism *sigh*