Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Black Barbie

 Th"Ooo Honey, your so gorgeous."
"You should be a model"
"You look just like a doll"
"You might as well be a barbie" 

That's how it starts. A little flattery, some confidence, and bam you think you're hot shit.

"But... You could lose a little weight" *cough* "I mean alot."
"You could use a nose job"
"Gurl you need some of that brazilian body wave!" 
"You should dye your hair"
"You should cut it all off."
"You should go natural." (This always a wtf qq cuz I AM natural) 

Everyone seems to dictate your life besides you! They want to correct you to be in their vision! 

This is me and nothing can change that.

"Oh thats what they all say."
"Have you tried bleaching your skin? You're a little too dark." 
"Tattoos and piercings? Tut tut tuut" 

Then the guys be like
"Ay yo shawty. You are so damn fine."
"Oh wow, stop for one moment so I can admire your beauty."
"But uh, well I kind already have girl friend."
"Your pretty but just not my type." 
"I'll call you" but doesn't 

I'm not one to pay attention to uneducated bottom feeders anyway but oh well. 


So whats the point I'm trying to bring across? There is a whole craze about being perfect and looking like a doll. Truth be told I dont find it hard to compare myself of a doll. Every rapper wants to be called the Black Barbie and be cute and everything. Being called a barbie is like the highest praise in some parts of the fashion industry. People get surgery and do crazy work to look closer to a barbie. Does anyone realize beside the makeup aspect that a looking like a barbie is extremely unrealistic. I cant even get my hair boned straight like most barbies nor can I achieve that level of thinnest and keep my curves in the same way a Barbie does. 

But the sad thing is a billion of other girls, myself included, will still try. What the difference between ulzzang and barbie-ism. Its trying to achieve best-face, no? There is a clear connection of gyaru and barbiesm too.

The leading modeling scam going on is called Barbizon! Conciedence? I think not! 

To step away from unrealistic imagery is the first step. You know what you can and cannot become. Forget what society idealizes beauty as look for your own inner beauty. When you are beautiful on the inside it will shine on the outside! Someone will see it whether its a photographer or your future husband.

The argument still stands that you are beautiful as you are, no questions asked. 

In other news, my birthday is coming up and i'm so sexcited! Im in the midst of planning it now so thats why I might be off my blogging. As usual I still got my pending Japan trip stressing me out. Nothing much is going on in my life besides that so forgive me in advance.

Ciao lovelies!!


  1. Eh...Minimaos (it has somehow ceased to exist) sold fake Liz Lisa stuff >.>

  2. OMG, these photos are gorgeous!!! I love Liz Lisa so much *-* <3