Wednesday, January 8, 2014

US stores that Supply Himekaji Clothes

Hello Gals!!

Don't you hate it when you see cute clothes from your favorite stores like:

disclaimer: Ma*rs is really a agejo brand that you can flex into himekaji and roma gyaru

Liz Lisa

Ank Rouge

and they don't ship abroad??

Then your favorite stores that do ship abroad:

Bonbon21 for example

have astronomical shipping prices.

How do you get around it?

Well do you know that a lot of stores in the U.S can supply your himekaji needs?

A lot of Gals think they need to completely mimic the models that they see in magazines to complete the "look". That isn't true at all. The look is characterized essential elements. Once you have those elements you can buy clothes anywhere that will suit you. Also don't doubt any piece of clothing, anything can be worked into a kawaii outfit (except spikes and excess black- they are a no-no for himekaji lol). I will explain himekaji elements in another post.

Forever 21 stores are major hunting grounds for himekaji girls. The website may not show it well but Forever 21 stores have a section dedicated for feminine/girly style.

Forever 21 Himekaji

Forever 21 top

Forever 21 crochet top

mauve SKATER

An example of an outfit that could be made at Forever 21
These items are not found at F21 but a similar variation can be form
Agaci, which has slowly been climbing into favorites list, has really given me this life! They are the only store in an entire mall (reminder Palisades Mall is the 11th biggest mall in the US) that has romantic color palette. This is perfect for Himekaji and Roma Gyaru.
Agaci Himekaji

 I don't usually add Delia to my shopping list because they can be a tad but pricey but they do have a lot going in store as well as a lot of kawaii accessories.
delias himkaji

The following stores had himekaji worthy clothes in store but I couldn't extract it from their websites.
Jennyfer (RGA)

I leave out Charlotte Russe and Wet Seal (whom would've normally made this list) because they are too mainstream and mode style right now.However I've bought some cute accessories from Charlotte Russe and they did once have bow shoes if that count.

Another thing that a lot himekaji and roma gyaru's forget is that storenvy caters to a lot of our needs. Don't be afraid to even search within the sweet lolita stores. They have plenty of cute items for everyone! One of my favorite stores is Bow Kuma.


And the best part is they are local , inexpensive, and have a variety of cute stuff.

Please remember, its not the item that makes it himekaji, it's how you wear it! Especially the Agaci items, if you wear the items by themselves, they won't come out as cutesy as desire but with the right coord and accessories, it's very cutesy. Also adding lace to your pieces will help a ton too. Forever 21 sells a large variety of floral skater skirts that fit himekaji look as well, you just got to look and see what's cute.

So I hope that this really helps you gals when you go shopping.Tell me your opinions.

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