Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Reprisal

New York winters are terrible.

I'm literally snowed into my house with 12+ inches waiting outside for me. There is more snow to come too.

I know the people in the city are like this snow is nothing. Please drive 10 miles north so I can throw 20,000 snowballs at you.

People down south, 2 inches of snow and the whole state gets shutdown.

I hate winter.

Thanks to winter, my package from got delayed. So when I do get it, I'll  go ahead and review it. But in the meantime here are more sneakpeaks from secret project.

 These were rushed and edited because I needed pictures for a casting call prompto.

I passed the casting call by chance. But the fitting and dress rehearsal is during my trip to Japan so -___- thats a negative. For some reason, my hair looks like an ombre blue when the photo was printed so I love it to the max but now my agency has it (I wanted to keep it and hang it on my wall lol)

If you like this look be sure to hype it up on lookbook

Ciao Lovlies 

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