Friday, May 16, 2014

Life on the Edge

Chapter 2, College was the beginning of the next chapter. The start of my roller coaster ambitions, the start of finally knowing what it's like to be an adult, the start of romance, the start of bills and other money things. Now here I am 19, very little savings, a lot of debt, 2 semesters of college down, 4 jobs later, and no clue where I am going with life.

If you have read this blog enough you know I get a lot anxiety when it comes to school.But luckily it's Summer Vacation, I have about 4 months to get my life together again before a stream of anxiety comes my way. Travel some more, start a business, get a handle on things you know.

So to start the summer, I got tatt #2. Its my wings :). This may be my last tatt since I don't take pain very well and lord this was painful and the healing process had proven to be a bitch.   I still might go back for a second session to clean up the lines and detail because I was moving soo much and I gave my artist a little bit of a hard time.

Also my belly ring healed enough for to be able to change the ring! So happy about that!

My belly piercing was an intense journey and I'm glad I finally came to a new marker in that journey.  So to celebrate I put up a vlog on my youtube channel.

I'm finally updating that channel so please subscribe and leave comments!

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