Thursday, June 12, 2014

The pursuit of Happiness

What makes you happy? How do you pursue this happiness?  

Happiness is a funny thing for me. I honestly don't know what makes me happy or how to achieve it. I just go with the flow and fit into form with where the world leads me. 

The world lead me into retail, the world lead me into fashion, the world lead me to travel, the world lead me into college. 

Now June 2014, my new years resolution half complete, my degree half complete, my life a quarter complete.  Its funny because 5 years ago I did not see my life as being here. Nor did i see it this way when I started the blog. Right now I've been feeling confused and little. But guess what guys Thats okay. Its okay to be confused and misguided when your young. We have all our lives to figure things out! 

There is a school of thought that touches my life a bit called "affirmation". In the simplest explaination that can be thought out: when you think positively and dream big, these dreams will eventually come true. 

I told myself for years and I took french in school because I always believe I would get the chance to travel to France. And i did.

This year I've been telling myself its time to go big.
While I decide to do more and live more. Yet I let time and finances recede because I forgot that my ambition is more important than spending time with friends . If my friends were meant to be in my life, they will always be there. If not, well thats a shame on their behalf.  

What makes me happy is following my dreams. 
Even tho having high expectations for myself is also great but I also got to have a realistic factor as well. Like my body is a virtue. I am open minded when it comes to body art and sex so why is it my body should be faced with media standards? I am beautiful as is. I am not thin, I have curves everywhere and anywhere.  

If I'm happy with my body and my partner is happy with my body, why should I care what you think? 
Its 2014, stop glorifying photoshopped stick figures. 

On a side note lovelies, I will be holding a GIVEAWAY next week. So stay tuned on my blog posts, leave comments. Follow me on twitter, instagram, youtube and tumblr. Its coming guys, it's coming. 

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