Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Fashion Avenue News Events

Hey lovelies

So lately I've been event hopping and working hard as a promoter. I've been trying to gateway myself towards a career in Social Media Management so it's been a lot of work I've been doing. 

So I was very grateful to be invited to Fashion Avenue News Magazine Networking Event and Runway Show.

I was a VIP member of the media. I probably was the only one who didn't have a business card. 

It got crowded in there very quickly. A ton of photographers, models, designers, fashionistas, and bloggers like myself cluttered the area trying to network with each other and entertain themselves. 

I, however, was more interested in the runway shows rather than the networking. I, once again was too awkward and unprepared to network with others. 

Always ready to camwhore though!! 

I was very impressed with Vera Moore products and was engulfed with finding out more about the magazine. 

I honestly went to the event without knowing much about the magazine and I was shocked to find out that I actually had a glimpse of the magazine before. It was being passed around during Uptown Fashion Week. 

I actually was very in love of how high class the magazine was presented. Sadly its only sold in a few places in the city and I'm not a city girl myself. 

But anyway, I was unfortunate to be away from the VIP area during the runway show but I got lucky to get a few pics of the models. 

I was impressed to see a motorcycle collection. It was a nice step away from traditional things that are often put on the runway. 

I didn't get to see the second runway show but a few designers had escorted a model wearing their latest designs around the event. 

The last thing I got to see before I left was the runway strut of Fashion Avenue News latest cover girl and supermodel Tiffany Renee strut the runway.  

It was a lovely event but I wished the event but I wished it was a little bit organized and had seating set up for guest as well as media. 

I honestly couldn't wait to get outside even though the misery of walking through Times Square was just as bad.

Well until next time lovelies, I have a couple more events to attend and I've been working as a promoter/host to a couple of parties that I will share soon.

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