About Me



1. Who are you?

My name is Katie, but my online persona is Angel, Kangel, moonangelko and skyangelko. My nicks are something I developed from writing stories, so until my book is released, you won't understand it! I was born February 19th during the year of the pig (in other words my age is a secret).  I have two siblings and live close to (but not in) one of the major city of fashion on the globe. I'll be the first to admit-- I'm an idiot, self-asborbed, have "ugly girl syndrome" but that makes me the most unique right? Right!

2. What contacts do you use?

I wear circle lenses I like medium colors (because of my dark skin) with light limbal rings. So my favorites are Geo Nudy Series. I mostly love Geo Nudy Grey. My new love is Deuba Puffy 3-tones in violet. I'm somewhat blind (-4.00) so I wear contacts rather often. But I think most of my pics on my blog have photoshop contacts.

3. What camera do you use?

I use Kodak Easyshare M522. If I'm lucky I can borrow my family's Canon Powershoot IS, which is from 2006 but it's the closest to dslr quality. I know, I'm using the forbidden point and shoot. [Edit] Recently my camera broke so I've been using my phone camera a lot -__-.

4. What's your ethnicity and nationality?

I was born in America but both my parents are Haitian. So I guess that makes me----> Haitian American??!! Lmao.  I live in a Haitian community but I'm considered a fake Haitian because my accent  is soooo bad. But hey I am a 1st generation American who can speak creole better then all other 1st generationers okay.  That counts for something!

Skin Type: Combination.
Fashion Style: Gyaru
Makeup style: Whatever I feel like
Hobbies: Drawing, writing fiction, playing my violin
Dreams: To travel to Tokyo, publish my book, and own a fashion store.

Disclaimer:  I do write reviews and advertorials on this blog and I make money off this blog.