Sunday, March 17, 2013

Stila All-Day Liquid Eyeliner Review

Hello Lovetts,

Now you guys know I am a drugstore girl. Lets be honest, I can't afford to splurge. Splurging is for girls who work above 7.25. That being said, I got lucky and been gifted several Sephora items last Christmas season. I was quite upset tho, because for the life of me I could not find my Stila Liquid Eyeliner which I lost the very same day I got it.
Which led me to buying the Maybelline Masterpercise which along with the other maybelline eye products I love so much.

The stila was an adjustment for me. I hate eyeliners that don't come in a marker shape. This was in my beloved marker shape but it took me a while to get the hand of winging my eyeliner with this eyeliner. It had such a sharper point. It took practice (unlike with the maybelline) for me to symmetric winged  eyes. I have way more mess ups then success that it became habit to have my hair cover one of my eyes. Its always my right eye that has the mess up. Also at first, they eyeliner use to irrate my eyes when I put it on. It no longer does that now that i've gotten use to it.

Despite my shortfalls with they eyeliner;  I love the shape of the pen. I have more room to fix of mess-ups  and it's really precise. I can try more wing designs then I was able to before.

The best thing of all is it really lasts 24-hours, no smudge and really waterproof.

So overall I give this a 7. It took me some time  to get use to it. That's a lie, it's still taking up time.  But it has just joined the official list of my daily products.

Now some photos of me wearing the eyeliner. But I guess you can barely see it lol cuz the lines are thin.

Okay bye bye lovetts until next time <3 p="">

Monday, March 11, 2013

From Zero to Hero

This a slightly failed project my friends and I started working on in January. So this (ignore my opening comments) is pretty much a daily look that I do.

I was second guessing whether or not should I post this because I don't want certain people seeing my completely makeup-less face.  I did have some problems with lighting which I didn't figure until towards the end.

Also I will NEVER do a voice ever again. I have a lisp. It became most apparent when I did the voice over.

Next time I'll use a tripod stand rather then have someone film me. Shaky camera etc. Also not enough zoom ups. Also lot of bad angles *cringe*

All the negatives aside. I did like the end product. I looked gorgeous in the end and quite the opposite from the beginning. So yea, it is a zero to hero look.

Products used.

Dueba Puffy 3-tone circle lenses in violet

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream

Mary Kay concealer in Bronze 1

NYX concealer in Dark

Elf Eyeshadow Pallette

Nk Eyeliner

Maybelline Master Eyedrama Eyeliner

Maybelline Megaplush

Maybelline Lash Stilleto

Maybelline Falsies Mascara

And a lip balm from Fashion Institute of Technology.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Harlem Shake

The drama club at my school, decided to the Harlem Shake! Funny little thing you got to watch

Sorry for the bad quality btw, I filmed it on my phone -__-.

I going to be a little more active on my youtube very soon guys. If you guys started following me way back, you might remember that I wanted to start a webshow. Well we finally started filming and you might see the see first episode within the next two weeks. It's going to be a lot of work! There is so much film already and it was only the first day and it's going to be a week of filming and picture taking!

Well I'll be filming the first two episodes this week. Hopefully my editing skills will get better with the end of the week.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Hair Chalk on Relaxed/Blown out hair

On a roll with blog postS. Since today was a snow day and I didn't have better things to do decided I wanted to try something new with my hair. I don't dye my hair. Even though I currently don't do perms any more and I survive on blowouts, I fear the amount of chemical processing that dying requires esspeacially layered up with my already chemically processed hair. So a while back I was so envious of Cheesie for doing this cute streak color in her hair.

So I was at Hot Topic the other day and I saw this little thing.

I asked the girl who worked there about it. She said it works and was the one who selected this brand for me.



Review:  The chalk for the most part does it's job. However it crumbles and creates a huge mess. Also it takes a lot more work putting on the chalk. In comparison to maybe a spray. I also feel like the chalk doesn't really stick to my hair. If I run my hands through my hair, I will have a lot of purple on my hands. The color lacked vibrance too.

So I rate it a 5/10. Next time I'll use a spray and use a red color.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Too Cool for School

Camera days are here again and here a quickie review post of the items I use in my current makeup routine for school. I don't have time to put on makeup at home in the morning; so every morning I have to do a quick little routine to get my makeup on within 12 minutes before 1st period. Which gives me enough time to do my makeup and have a bit more on than those girls on youtube who have those 5-minute makeup tutorials.

Well I don't necessarily put on all these items everyday but these are the items that I carry around with me. The things I carry with me are also some of my favorites.

I have two tiny makeup bags that carry the limit of items necessary.

The Hello Kitty one holds foundation and concealer.
The purple one holds everything else.

Already traded in my foundation for bb cream. I always wanted to try bb cream but it used to only be for asian skin tones. I used to mix my foundation with an asian brand. Now I just use this. It's really light and more of a tinted moisturizer but it gives me the coverage i need for a daily basis without people telling that I have foundation on.
Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream rating: 9/10

On a daily, I use NYX stick concealer which does the job but doesn't really firm my dark circles but covers the worst of the dark circles.
Rating: 5/10

This was my gift this year from Sephora. It's a champagne shade highlighter. I use it as eyeshadow for the center of my lids and for my inner corners. My only complaint that it's hard to use to glide on my actual lids since its a stick application. I use my fingers.
Rating 7/10
I got too lazy to keep editing photos and adding cool effects. Anyway I use Maybelline Color Tattoo eyeshadow because it's a long lasting non-creasing cream eyeshadow that I can just apply with my fingers. The color I chose also works well as a highlight when I rub it in well.
Rating 9/10

This little battered up thing is my trusty and highly pigmented eyeshadow color from the Sephora collection. It's silky and dark purplish. I use this as a crease color. I also love that this color is highly blendably. In the mornings I use this to blend with my highlighter to create a more defined crease.

My eyeliners! My favorite out of the bunch is Maybelline Masterdrama. It gives such a nice black and goes on creamy. The nk eyeliners are also good and only $1.
Collective Rating: 9/10

Not bad for a dollar okay. I started using it ever since I lost my liquid liner.
Rating: 5/10

My current mascaras. I don't really use Falsies anymore. Mega Plush has good product but such an awful bush. They're Real was part of my Sephora gift which is really good for lengthening with separation. As far as I can tell, it doesn't lead to spidery lashes.
Collective Rating: 10/10

Today my friends and I were having a conversation about how to minimize the appearance of a slightly swollen lip. One of my friend was resistant to the idea of using something because she thought she would have to load up her lips with lipstick and draw attention to her lips. Another friend went on this rant "Lipstick isn't the only thing you could use. There are so many lip product out there now. Lipgloss, lip pencil, lip stain, lip crayon-- Like wow they have lip crayons now I don't even know what that is!" I whipped this bad boy out to show off. My trust Lip+Cheek Stick from Forever 21. Niffty little thing to bring some pink into my life.
Rating: 7/10 just because as a cheek stick it requires a lot of blendung to get rid of harsh lines.

Blistex! I swear that there is nothing that works as well as blistex to keep ur lip smooth for hours.Its only a buck and its gets the job done very well.
Rating: 10/10

A flavorful lip gloss tube from Forever 21 that I like to pair with my  Lip+Cheek Stick.
Rating 8/10

Luxury Favorites:

Well for me these next two are luxury because they are expensive and I wouldn't pay for them myself personally because I'm really cheap.

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte. Expensive lightly adds color to your lips with such a smooth texture that would even match regular drugstore brands. 

The Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion was one of things all dark skin makeup gurus had to have. Lets be honest colors can tend to be less pigmented on darker skin. This primer fixs this problem and keeps ur makeup on for hours... It's the magical must have. I don't use it really for daily looks, for time management reasons. 

And that's it! Everything I take with me to school and use in my daily makeup routine. These items also are my current favorite makeup items. So I do suggest you to buy them!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A summary of February

I admit, I've been busy retrospectively speaking. With an average of one post a month. Omg, but now my camera is finally fixed so once I finished writing this, I'll get ready for my next post. February brought me a lot of good things. I turned into an adult in February and I had to get accostomed to being an adult which was hard.
But some nice things happened and some things just stayed the same.
As you guys do know I love performing a lot! Since my old marching band is a done deal and I don't quite have the money to do independent winterguard or a drum corp. So I've been doing a lot of talent shows and stuff. Which is a hard thing to do for an audience who is accostomed to the prestige of flag work. I had to practice a lot more dance and i'll show a video soon!
I also did film a youtube makeup tutorial which I haven't had the time to finish editing. Here's a quick preview:
I don't think I will go through and finish editing. The quality came out really bad. It was fine just watching it on a phone but on a computer, I don't think people would like it at all. And I really don't want to take the time to do a voice over -___-.

Besides that, February was really a short and uneventful month. But no worries! March differs from February. I'll be so busy. Spring Musicals, travels, and the ever so eventful Spring Break.

Blogs I fell in love with in February:

Okay that's a lie, I've been in love with this gal  since her debut on Kawaii of the World. Even though her blog isn't up to date (she's being like me right now), she has been updating her youtube.
Bibi of Pacte Solitaire

I'm not quite sure how I managed to find her blog but the cute the style reminded of Yutaki's blog. So I find this blog interesting and the owner of the blog is quite cute so it a must read.

Pics from February:

V-Day ootd

B-Day Ootd

Some random day ootd.

Well then that sums up February. Thanks for reading.

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