Sunday, February 27, 2011

A similar photoshopped pic

Inspired by cheesie ageha cover photoshop, i'm a newbie to this, so idk what i did but hey, I tried.

Birthday pics

Afew days ago it was my birthday and two close friends and I went out to eat and watch a movie.
. Then I realized I had a camera and I didn't take any pictures, so still at the mall we camwhored at Target!

The End

disclaimer: I do not claim acting cute or claiming myself to be cute so keep any a**hole comments to yourself.

Saturday, February 26, 2011


My wedding dress picture post has officially became my most viewed post this month so I was wondering what do my readers want to see in the future? Please comment on what you want!

  1.   Prom dress pictures favorites
  2. More wedding dresses
  3. Personal pics and shopping fun from the Palisades mall
  4. The reviews I promised but never got around to doing 
  5. Other
Hurry and vote!!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Under appreciated black gyarus

I saw a lot of these pics without name of gyarus who did a really good job but you don't see enough of them. I mean seriously if you ever googled african gyaru. The first image you see is porn. You know how it makes black gyarus look. Black girls who are interested in gyaru cringe away because all they see is sluts.
I really understand why people think I know why people think gyaru are sluts. Lot of the tumblrs I got this off of  were photographer blogs and they had lot of pornish pics. I was so disgusted. This is why so many women go plastic these days.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Nyc failed to impress

This pic was once from Tokyo 2008 fall fashion week. A pure example of impressive clothes. I think this is why I stopped liking lolita like I use to. It failed to evolve. If it was to evolve, look #2 would be the pick to wear.

No back to NYC. It was a fail.  Nothing was really impressive or really original.

Same old period looks from the ever so popular 1930s I would of thought that they would emphasized on other countries. Like muslim culture or continue with korean clothes. No wonder other countries think american fashion sucks. Japan and korean are all the rave. Like do any of them goong. They could of picked up on that and make it better.

New Direction with blog

I've decided my blog would be a personal blog. I'm going to change the name every now and then until I get somewhere with my personally. Angel of course was always my nickname but the blog name wasn't working. And the background will once again be changed. Fashion is still a huge part of my life  so fashion will be huge part of the blog. And very soon I'll be putting my youtube to work. So far I have only putting up magazines. Soon I'll be putting up videos of my life.  I just want to let you guys know.
So don't get scared when one day my blog looks completely different

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ummm.... okay

I swear sometimes when I talk to people I feel like I say stuff too many bad stuff unintentionally. Especially online.... today was one of those days I really messed up... I forgot twitter isn't like facebook where your convos are public and you can have a group discussion so I messed up big time....T_T 

@ I am sorry I didn't mean to, you don't have to get offensive

Big problem right.  And I am a fan of Xiaxue and I really don't like getting people upset. I part of me is like okay wow someone is on her period but the other side is upset and feels guilty.. The guilty side is the big side. I guess she is mad about all the people talking shit about her jaw and her ass.  But people been saying that for years I guess she's sensitive about her body. OH NO..... now it sounds like I'm bashing rather then feeling guilty...... Oh crap...... I need to learn how to keep my mouth shut. Xiaxue if you ever read this I am sorry sincerely sorry.
Stressed and Tired

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Western Gyaru/Ulzzang Shopping Guide for the rest of us who aren't sticks

 Japanese clothing tend to be for small size. Here are some sites that offer larger sizes. Beware medium usually means large and most clothes aren't meant for wear very large sizes. My blog does not condone obesity.
 From China they have plus sizes and they tell from which season that item is from.  Plus the prices are really cheap and most of the items are made of cotton.  I like that you get to select your shipping method so you might get cheap shipping.
Also from China. They offer more and also signifigantly cheap.
China. shipping is expensive.
assuming from china . They only offer dresses for larger sizes and their shipping is super expensive.
From singapore. They cost a bit more then chinese sellers but their shipping price appears to be very low

oh my

Fire your stylist, keep who ever picked your shoes, keep your make up artist and cut your wig stylist pay. The dress is not working out. It would of look so nice if it wasn't so over designed.  The close up on the shoes show those shoes look hot but trade those leopard leggings for solid black ones. The wig looked cute until that bride of Frankenstein puff.  Do a favor to the person who sits behind you and cut it off

Fire your stylist because someone with sense would have known that a dress like that isn't for a girl with a bust. It makes you look fat with too skinny hands

Fire your makeup artist because you look 10 years older

 whoa no comment

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Popsister 03/11

Not many magazines are out yet for march right now and february magazines releases are nearly finished. Popsister is pretty good despite i was waiting for Jelly and Popteen

Friday, February 11, 2011

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Wedding Dresses

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Anyway I  got really interested in wedding gowns after seeing these

I usually don't look at wedding gowns because I really don't think about marriage. I mean daydreamers aren't doers and I rather stay away from my daydream side cuz once I daydream I won't do much. But they are very cute dresses.
Then I saw this dress and got upset. Like alicia keys could buy so much more prettier dresses . Greek style is meant to be worn with cleavage not ugly covering
 I though it was pretty plain for Avril because she has so much of a punk style. But I still like it

I liked these dresses  too.
                But I freaked out when I saw the hello kitty dress. Who in their right mind would go as far and wear this? A hello kitty obsession taken too far. But as a costume? Too goregous

Two tackiest wedding dress I ever seen  if you can call them wedding dresses.. Like come on. Why?  When your kids look back at this you know what they'll say? My mom was a skank.
 So I then google Barbie dresses. Luckily nothing to rash. This is something I would let my bridesmaid wear.
 And an asian theme! So creative! I Like

Cool wedding dresses right? Which one's do you like?