Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Giveaway is Ending!!!

My giveaway is ending soon! Make sure you do not miss out on these fabulous lashes! You have until 11:59 pm February 1st EST, to email your entries. 


Sunday, January 29, 2012

Guide to Life:Alcohol and Drugs

Though myself never done drugs, once I got into high school, it was always around me!  Television and music made it look so cool. I use to watch that 70s show religiously. It made drugs look so cool but in the end none of them went to college and somehow became remotely successful!  What kind of life story is that?  Drugs aren't cool and being drunk isn't cool either.

I once a knew a girl in my school who was addicted to drugs. She was a really smart person but she was REALLY annoying. I could tell she was being bullied. She had sex to be able to get her hands on the drugs. Through psychology it seemed that she was getting better. Until she was dropped out of regular school and sent to a school full of "problematic" kids. Somewhere down the line she dropped out and opted to get her GED in another program. With that program she didn't have to be in school everyday. She instead went to the city to fulfill a career as a prostitute. Now as prostitute she didn't even get to touch any of her money. Her pimp took care of EVERYTHING. So now she got off of drugs and everything but she still living a reckless lifestyle.  What really prompted me to reflect on myself was what happen when she came back to the school for a visit. She took me to the side to talk about where our lives been for the past year. I told her, I was recovering from alcoholism and she told me she was recovering from drugs. Then she said "We are more alike then you think we are. Even though we've had our difference I think we can become closer now. Why don't come and work with me? You're obviously wasting your time in school"

I was stunned and refused. No matter how much money her career was making, I could never go down that road. But her words seem to strike in a cruel manner, did I sink so low? It's true many things happen to us to lead us down these similar pasts. I don't know the specifics on her side but I do know mine. When I was younger, my then 19 year old, sister cracked under our parent's pressure and dropped out of college. She moved out and never enter our house again for the last 7 years.  Now she lives in the south---> I haven't seen her for 4 years. Communication between us has became very brittle. But I kept my head strong and kept moving with my life. Then my best friend, who had long ago moved away but we kept very close. We were penpals and the day she came back to visit, she died in a car accident. From then on, I went very very emo.  Despite my attraction to all thing dark, I still hadn't completely lost myself. I had joined marching band, which kept me busy all the time. I began eating more to fill in voids of silence. Everything that could keep these little things from haunting my life.
What really broke me..... was having my heart broken, twice, just after entering high school. The first bf only dated me because he pitied me and the second didn't even formally broke up with me. He just got a new girlfriend. Amazing how *love* can break the strongest of people right? I began sneaking my parents liquor, and to some amazing extent, despite being such tiny drops, it made me forget what was hurting me so much. Soon I got a job, working at Mcdonalds. The money went to gambling. At these gambling parties, liquor was always being served. I never did drink too much and I thought as long as I could get these people drunk, I was scoring a lot of people. I was very careful because most of the time I was in a room with probably one other girl and 5-10 male gang members. It was risky, always. There was times, I owed money and I would in turn be chased for it.

One day, I wasn't careful. I became really drunk and I owed a LOT of money. I didn't know how I was escaped this situation without injuries. I went to the bathroom and called my then-bf to get me out of this. He used all his savings to pay off my debt and dragged me out of the place. After I got out safe, he slapped me and broke up with me. He said this wasn't the girl he was dating (there is more to this story---> but that's for another post)
 It could of destroyed my life. I decided to just not drink at all because alcohol (to me) lead to the gambling (for the free drinks) which could of lead me to jail (underage for both drinking and gambling -__-).  The sad thing is teens see themselves as invincible. That no matter what happens, they'll come out alright. But our parent's protection has made our vision hazy. Our parent's protection can only protect to us to a certain extent. For an organize society to function, we have to follow the rules or pay the price of our crimes. I personally don't want to be denied of my freedom.  All the same, alcohol and drugs make us lose control of our lives. IT makes us THINK that we are FREE but instead its taking CONTROL of our lives.

If you feel like you have no where to turn; don't go to drugs. Please go find someone to talk to. If you are on drugs or alcohol find someone to help you GET OFF, because eventually your life will be destroyed and everyone who once believed in you will turn against you.

Okay guys since my last two post were all very emo, I'm going to not publish Guide to Life: Heartbreaks for at LEAST a week. I'm going to publish Guide to Life: Camwhore Queen before that. I also have a photo ebook I will be publishing somewhere in between.

With love,

Friday, January 27, 2012

Guide to Life: Fighting Bullying

I decided, instead of writing another super vain post, I needed to talk about more important subjects. But I warn you, I give sucky advice. Back in 2010, I remember that I was stuck in a hotel room with a few girls (having truth or dare) during a school trip. The most rememberable line from that trip is "I've been there I've done that." Back then, I was fighting to find a sense of *me*. I lost all direction. I suffered from bullying, alcoholism, gambling, and heartbreaks. I never told anyone about this (well not to the full extent) but the word HAS to get out. I know that one of these days someone is going to warp everything I said here and paint into bad light. That's life. I will eventually have a sting of regret. But OH WELL, NO GOING BACK!

This first part is going to be about bullying and how to fight it.

I really don't remember a time, when I WASN'T bullied. It started when I was very young and still exists in my life. Two or three months ago, I even fell back into an emo phase but lucky I have friends to always pick me up...
 No one deserves to be bullied. It hurts and makes you feel less then human. I known the feeling for almost my entire life. I have a lisp. I didn't take much care to speech therapy when I was younger and I can only speak normally when I really think about each word I say. But that is SO DAMN ANNOYING to do. It gives people the first impression that I'm retarded. But hello? All honors student! I would have been all APs if it wasn't for my stupid guidance counselors! But that is not what people think. So if you have a lisp like me, make sure you always use big words so people don't think your retarded. Kids, you know can be the harshest little things in the world. No matter how much smarter was then them, I was still retarded, annoying, and ugly.

I mean wasn't the most cutest little girl but I was much much cuter then most of those assholes.

By the time middle school came I decided to get revenge on all these bullies. I beat the shit out of anyone who laid a hand on me and then I would cry my way out of trouble. I learned, as a girl, that crying got the douche bags in trouble.  That was a temporary fix. As people got older, bullying got less (because Columbine massacre was waying on everyone's mind).

But verbal bullying is always there. The easiest way I found to fight back, was become crafty with insults. "Suck my big left toe or going cry to your effing mommy. I don't give two shits about the crap that comes out your mouth." Rolls off with insults in creole lolol!

But don't go about it the way I do. It's true the bullying has stopped because people know better then mess with me but my method doesn't work with everyone.

How to Fight Bullies
  1. Speak up. Bullies target the weak. When you speak up, they know they can't challenege you!
  2. Do psychology on them. Make them feel so bad about themselves that they stop. I once told a bully that. "Now you what's the point of bothering me? Is your pimples so large that you must bother me?" That shut him up.... and made him very self-conscious lololol.
  3. Tell someone! If you can't deal with it by yourself then talk to someone who can help you. 
  4. Don't let them get to you! The biggest reasons bullies decide to pick on me was because I didn't have a strong resolve. I let them get to me. If I used my head more during middle school, I would probably been the most popular kid in the world.
  5. Always stick with your friends. Your friends will always be your biggest advocates. And if you don't have friends, maybe you need re-evaluate yourself. Why is it, you don't have friends? Is it something you are doing or something you can't help. 

 If you see someone being bullied, DON'T JUST STAND THERE!

 I hope my advice help someone! Next time I'll talk about alcoholism and heartbreaks! 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

How to Become Beautiful

So obviously you are ugly and need some guidance on to becoming pretty. If you think you are
 naturally pretty then you probably have some extremely low self-esteem or something. Or your probably a gyaru or ulzzang---> this is their type of makeup.  Either way you are in luck! You are looking at Angel 1st ever Guide to Life (yes I stole the title, so sue me).
 You want to have an awesome transformation?

Nearly unrecognizable right?
What you'll need:

Double Eyelid Tape -->(if your monolid only)
Loose Powder
Neutral Eyeshadows
Pencil Eyeliner
Liquid Eyeliner
A GOOD mascara (I prefer Maybelline Falsies and Maybelline Stiletto)
Bronzer or a dark brown eyeshadow or concealer
False Lashes (you might not need it depending on what look you are going for)
Lip Gloss

Blogger Ling, is famous for how she is able to transform from a homely looking gal to a model looking hottie. It's amazing. This video will show you how to do the makeup.

Very chio right?  For all you girls out there,  no matter how ugly you are in the morning, you can always look gorgeous if you have good makeup and good hair.
 The More Natural Route:


The right contacts speak out to people. If you have small eyes wear circle lens. If you darker skin don't try to wear too dark circle lens but don't wear too bright either. Try to find a medium color that doesn't make you look like a clown. I  don't think paler skin tones have that problem. If you large eyes, wear regular contacts. If you already have beautiful hues as your natural eye color---> you don't need color contacts!

Contouring: IT'S IMPORTANT. I think a rare few people have the perfectly shaped face and nose. I like my nose  but I hate it in pictures, I ALWAYS photoshop contouring and make the nose smaller. But I would never get a nose job at all. So I contour. Plus if you gain come weight (which happens to me ALOT) contouring slims your face down.

False Lashes vs Mascara: This all depends on you and your personal interest. I like falsies for special events. I depend on a LOT of mascara for a day to day basis. But that's because my lashes have a natural curl so it makes putting lashes on harder. If your lashes are really straight and short, I think you should wear false lashes daily.  I'm giving away free lashes btw.

DON'T FOLLOW VIDEO TUTORIALS TO THE CORE!  They are guidelines! Choose colors that complement your skin tones.  Browns, blacks, golds, hues, and similar hues tend to be universal. White, peach, and other bright colors does NOT go with every skin tone!

That's all you need to know makeup wise.

Next time: Guide to Life: a Camwhore Queen.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Hey Guys,

So I finally put back up the Followers bar. I'm not a big fan of the followers bar so you know something special is coming on. I even put up a facebook bar (which took me forever to get working because of stupid blogger) So you guys know special is going on!

This is going to be my blog 1st ever MINI-GIVEAWAY!!

I was going to do a full one. But since it is my first give-away. It's better to start small right?

I'll giving away, to one lucky person , this:

If you read Chaigyaru's blog you could already guess what these are! A 10 false lashes set! Perfect for any gyaru or ulzzang. These are more natural then the one Chaigyaru uses, but free lashes are free lashes!

Requirements for participation:
You must be a follower of my blog
 Like my Facebook page.

Bonus if you:

5 extra entries if you reblog this
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3 extra entries if you follow me on twitter

How to enter:

  1. email skyangelko [at] aol.com 
  2. subject line: Moonangelko's 1st Giveaway
  3. Message Must Include:

  •  a method of contact (for if you win)---> twitter or email
  • your facebook url or your google connect name
  • Links to your bonus entries (optional)
You may only submit yourself once!

Good luck!
Deadline is February 1st!

Monday, January 23, 2012


fml  FML 

My life is over. It's just over and done. You know why?

Ignore my ugly nails, that's another tragedy by itself. I was getting ready to take pictures in the snow when I decided I wanted to wear false lashes for these pictures. Circle lenses and false lashes are set to me. False lashes without circle lenses are a CANNOT, right?  I only had my pair Geo Nudy greys left and I knew my time with them was dwindling. 8 months were almost done and they started feeling increasingly  uncomfortable. I only have $16 in my PayPal so I decided I would buy from Secret Eyes, who having a super cheap sale (only $12). I love any circle lens that are colorful without large as hell black rings. So I was going to get the Geo Nudy Blues. I placed my order a WEEK ago and still no response. I'll blame it on Chinese new year and complain next week. I didn't expect my lenses to rip before I could get new ones though!
At least my breakfast tried to cheer me up lah

If you live across the world, you wouldn't know that New York had it's best warmest winter by far until that slut called mother nature decided to snow. The day of the snow fall was a little bit more than beautiful but the days after were just a lot of torture.  Now it's all icy and slippery and now you think you might die at any moment from walking these streets.
So a pic from the nicer days of this ugly snow.  Mother nature has been particularly a slut with New York. First she dumped her stupid slut, Irene, on us and Irene took away our power for weeks. Lucky that slut came in the summer. Then her dumbass snowstorm, came out of nowhere in OCTOBER, and destroyed a lot of property and took away our powers for more WEEKS! Then just as we thought she became nicer---> POW! A snow storm.... ON A SATURDAY. ...... thanks mother nature. You and your damn storms can go that way----------------->

BTW Soon I'll finally have balls to have my first giveaway! So go to the very top of my page and click that follow button and stay tune!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Why do I read so many Singaporean Blogs?

I read more in the Singaporean blogospere then the American blogosphere! I think Singaporean tend to have more interesting blogs. It just so happens to be like that.
When I was younger, I use to watch a lot of videos about hair and makeup. I wanted to learn how to put on false lashes so Xiaxue was the one recommended to learn from (it still took me forever to learn).
I learned photoshop from her and everything. So I use to watch her videos all the time. Then her videos came off of Youtube and I had to watch them on clicknetwork.tv website. It was about that time I realized she had a blog. I had no care for blogs at the time, so it was interesting to see such a thing. The American blogosphere is basically non-existent. Every online celebrity seems to be on youtube (and the ones I like seem to all be Asian! Why are Asians so good at everything?I hate them all!!!!................... I kid, I kid!)  so this was rather refreshing. And she is funny, so it keeps me reading.  I read through many of her posts from over the years, so I guess I know a lot about her. This is when I really learned what a "true" fan was. I guess I am one! Even though she hates me... I did do a post about it but I don't know how it got deleted. We got in a spat on twitter and I meant by what I was saying that she was beautiful the way she is--> plastic surgery and all<--- and I guess she misunderstood. Either way, I think I am blocked by her on Twitter ='(.
From reading a lot of Xiaxue's posts, I came to like Cheesie (who isn't Singaporean but oh well).  Cheesie is super nice and has a really cute fashion blog. But unlike other fashion bloggers. Her blog is worth reading and not just about the pictures.  I guess this why I hate American blogs. They only blog about their niche. Their blogs are all neatly laid out and business-like (not saying my blog is better then theirs! My blog is crap!) These two have been a major aspirations of mine. Not because they have an awesome job, but they do what they love without sacrificing themselves into business clothes and working in a little cubicle. I shutter at the thought of me working in a cubicle. But like  I said American blogosphere is not really there---> unless you count these people. 
Arianna Huffington -Huffington Post -News and opinion
Michael Harrington -Tech Crunch -Covering technology start-ups and web 2.0
Jason Kottke -Kottke -design, food, weblogs and New York City.
Heather Armstrong –  Dooce -Prime example for building a business. Read her personal bio at http://dooce.com/about
Perez Hilton -PerezHilton -Delivers celebrity news and gossip.
Nick Denton -Gawker -News and gossip covering entertainment, business and media
Peter Cashmore -Mashable -News covering social media.
Nick Denton -Gaping Void -weblog focused on original technology based cartoons.
Seth Godin -Sethgodin – He writes about the post-industrial revolution, the way ideas spread, marketing, quitting, leadership and most of all, changing everything.
Brian Clark -CopyBlogger – Online Marketing advice about building authority with your online presence.
So the idea of me becoming a pro-blogger and not having to work in an office is non-existent.  I read Fourfeetnine too but she's not Singaporean! I'll make a post about them because they are suppose to be separate from these other bloggers! 

So a while ago Xiaxue  posted a link on twitter to Qiu Qiu's blog. I never paid much mind to Qiu Qiu because she talked about Singaporean shopping. One of her particular blog post was talking about this lady called Silver and was about 10,000 words. The post was compelling (even though I skimmed through a little in the end). I realized  that Qiu Qiu called this chick out and at the same time gave the nicest good-bye gift:  HUGE AS HELL PR. Funny thing is Silver isn't unpopular and isn't fat. She is just less famous than Qiu Qiu and of course Xiaxue.   But she could climb in popularity if her blog stood out. That's all she needed.  Qiu Qiu just gave her that opportunity.  Hopefully she re-emerges as a nicer person as well.  So this is where I start reading Qiu Qiu, who is actually a really good story teller and evidently a VERY nice person.  
From Qiu Qiu, I learned about Yutaki. OMG he is SOOOO BISHIE... I who thought that real life bishies are just models from a far off universe unreachable to all normal people. But I read the beginning posts of his blog... Like all good readers do---> read from THE BEGINNING, you learn more about a person that way----> from reading my beginnings you learn that I AM A HUGE AS HELL IDIOT..... <----Not the point lah. His blog change view on photologs. Photologs tell a story a different type of way and his photologs are interesting. I love how he cherish his friends so much and he's your everyday guy. It's just the fact he is gorgeous and his pictures show a sense of humor. A true photographer right? 
From Yutaki I learned about Miyake Wong and Eric Lim. Miyake (whose name I may forever misspell =_=) Is SO DAMN GORGEOUS *girl crush*.  But I still have much to find out about her. I haven't really gotten a chance to read through her blog yet.  So still much to know about her. Her make-up style isn't same as mine (I prefer natural-ish falsies with a large variety of eyeshadow styles) but fashion-wise we think alike.  
Eric, I've seen on Xiaxue's blog once and I find him funny and probably be an awesome guy-friend, right?  I'm in process of reading his blog down, his blog is quite kay kay.  

I also read Dawn Yang (to learn how not to blog; she is so damn boring) and Ester Xie (cuz her pics are cute). I started reading Sophie Willocq but I have yet to get interested. Plus Kelly Konomi (her giveaway drove me there but her blog is quite cute as well.)

Sniff Sniff, I smell a series coming on and Yutaki inspired me to do a project called "Reintroduction" so you'll see it soon! 

Friday, January 20, 2012

In the end, Seo Companies are what you need


A bit over a year ago, I started a little Facebook store that only sold circle lenses. It was a tough start. I was acting as the middle man in the trade. People were suppose to pre-order their contacts through me and then I would buy from a distributor at a drop-ship price. For the buyer, it was a bargain; for me, it was $5 profit per customer. But, I had entered the business at a bad time.  A few months prior my entry into the contacts business, a crackdown came to all sellers of circle lenses. A Chinese manufacturer had created a cheap and fake version of circle lenses that deprived the eyes of oxygen. Ebay was selling thousands of these fake copies.  Many people were bought into this scam and had to pay thousands of dollars for an eye surgeon.  Then, after these contacts went mainstream in the U.S,  the media painted circle lenses (and their sellers) in a bad light.

I came to realize that without a strong friend base online, I wouldn't have any customers. I had to find a way to advertise. So I made banners and became active in many forums. In 2 weeks only acquired five customers. I need 25-50 customers to fill out the order with the distributers. I had already promised my customers a 4 week waiting period before they would get their contacts. At that rate I would have to make refunds and lose all the money I had invested into my little shop. I would also lose the trust of the customers. I had to do something fast. 

I turn my trust over to a SEO company. I learned the hard way that Internet Marketing was not as easy as it seemed. Compare to TV broadcasting, Internet Marketing has a bigger audience, but, there are many scams on the internet and without the proper  PR representing you, there will be not much success in your business venture.

In the end, I had to give up on the store, to focus on more important things. The store however was successful for 3 months. Its sad to see more American circle lenses store, came crumbling down as well.

I am participating in a blogger campaign by Bucks2Blog  for an seo company
and was compensated. However, the views and opinions are my own.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012



I hate all people who smoke---> In addition to the fact I hate the world. But seriously---> How can you put something so disgusting into your mouth.  Just to look cool?  Do you understand that your breath is disgusting, your teeth are yellow, and you are slowly killing yourself?  Smoking is just plain nasty.
Did I mention that you are killing yourself! Lung cancer!!
And don't forget you put everyone around in danger too.
But I found a solution to smoking, or to at least to get off it.


That's the motto of Blucigs.

Blucigs is the new cigarette. It's an electronic cigarette that lets you smoke water vapor. So: NO MORE SMELL, NO MORE SECOND HAND SMOKE, NO MORE ASH, NO MORE TOBACCO AND BEST OF ALL IT'S 50% CHEAPER THEN CIGARETTES.

I personally can't stand smokers (since every time I'm around one, I get cigarette burns) and this would make them all just a little bit more likeable. 

So get on blucigs or get in that:

Monday, January 16, 2012

I officially hate all people

I feel like everyone one online are rude arses who just want to start unnecessary drama just to get a kick out of their boring lives. As you may know, I play the violin. I love the violin so much and this year I would be playing Level 6 NYSSMA(a music competition). I had a book full of Beethoven sonatas; all of which had both violin and piano parts. The first movement looked so easy, that I couldn't believe it was a level 6. It's easier then Accolay, a level 5 piece (this a lot musician talk right here)  After being able to play first couple of pages with too much ease. I decided that I should ask someone to see if the Piano part of the book was what might actually might being graded since it played most of the song. So I asked on Yahoo Answers. That's the answer I got.

FIRST she called me stupid.

THEN she brought up a fight I had online over a year ago, when a dickhead decided to not answer my question but give me a derogatory response. I am mostly nice on Yahoo Answers so I don't get where she got PEOPLE from; is was a PERSON. That PERSON response was rude and did not answer my question in anyway. 

You know what I have to say to her.


And I hope I see you at NYSSMA so I can say it to your face and tell you to lick my clit when I score an A on my piece.

With this type of attitude from people (like the gyaru secrets community) I came to hate all people in general. Every last idiot in the world can suck my big left toe.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Story of a Future High School Dropout

So this week alone, I played hookey and skipped my morning English class EVERYDAY. The day I skipped school I was trying to do a research paper that was due that day and the other 4 essays I had due. In the end I only finished a page of my research paper---> I spent most of my time watching Xiaxue's Guide to Life. Yep now all my essays are passed due and I'm going to fail. Then the school is going to do a psychiatric intervention (yes my school will do it)  to  understand why a 96-average honors student managed to let her grades slip do badly. I have one question for you teachers- WHY U GIVE SO MUCH HOMEWORK DURING THE SAME PERIOD OF TIME!!! I HAVE A MEDICAL CONDITION---> EARLY SENIORITIS!
It's safe to say I won't get into college. Well at least not a good one. But that's okay. I'll meet a smart, talented, and rich bishie with a successful future, drug his drinks, and we'll get married in Vegas. And I will live happy ever after.

Advertorial in five seconds
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towson tigers tickets

Do you see that unhappy face? Let me tell you a little story in a easy way.

Katie get the name penname Angel to write annoymously short stories and starts this blog---->

Angel falls in love with fashion blogs and hopes start fashion blogging---->

Angel realizes she needs more money to buy in clothes to fashion blog---->

She begins to write advertorials---->

But she makes a bare minimum of money--->

She still is poor.

Seriously this my daily conversation with myself.

"Ugh I only made $16 this month. I need glasses /contacts but I can't afford a new doctors appointment or accuve."
"Ooo Secret Eye Shoppe has a sale on lenses for $12!! If I buy these this month I can probably be able to be see long enough to actually learn in school."
I learned how to photoshop from Xiaxue btw

"YES no more photoshopping my eyes!"
"And I have the $4 from this month and I can save that with the $10 I'll make next month to buy myself a Chinese Ipod next month for my birthday."


But you can make it better.....

A little bit of grace has shone on me. I am right now working together with a clothing store called Nasty Girl.  They make awesome vintage style clothes.

And it's like a dream come true that I'm actually work with fashion. Except the fact that I


So my dearest readers buy some nice clothes and very nice store and help the world spin around. And maybe I'll have a giveaway  or start some type of project. Who knows.

So click on the banner on the side that say Nasty Gal to go SHOP, SHOP SHOP...

That's an order from the supreme goddess in me.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Written by Sonny Quinn
Everyone has their favorite shows that they really love to watch and don’t care who knows it and then everyone has their shows that they like to watch but they don’t really want anyone to know they are interested. For example my husband really likes to watch the bachelor but he wouldn’t dare admit it to anyone except for me. My show like that is Kendra on the E! Network. I think Kendra is just absolutely hilarious as well as so lovable and cute. I really like the way that she and her husband interact with each other. They are playful and spontaneous but can also have a serious discussion when the time is needed. They have been through some difficult times together most of which have been chronicled on the show. When Hank was moved to another state to play ball there Kendra followed him to be close by instead of staying where she really wanted to be which is closer to her friends and family. I love to see what Kendra is going to do next on each show. Check your local listings at http://www.expertsatellite.com/ to find out when Kendra comes on in your area.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Just For the Haters

So lately my blog overflowed with this black girl on a crazy hive. Even her parents think she is losing her mind. She takes pictures everyday everywhere with no boundaries.
Making chemistry a lot more awkward.  Idk if  she thinks she is cute or something but it gots to stop. She has 300- something friends on facebook but not one of them like her pics.
I swear she thinks she's cute with her ashy elbows, chapped lips and no-makeup.
She even takes pics at other people's houses. Wth is with that? And did I mention her pictures are all heavy edited. Blah, she makes me want to throw up. Is this what you call a fashion blogger. Riddle me that.  She is like the most hated person right now online. They think she's rude and unsocial. And she is an unsocial ---> She only has about 45 followers on twitter LMAO. She is obsessed with these Asian bloggers Xiaxue and Cheesie. Xiaxue hates her anyway. I think Xiaxue blocked her on twitter lmfao.
Eww is she trying to be sexy. Omg my eyes are burning, MAKE IT STOP! At least she finally has a camera bitch or  learned how to balance the camera on something. But she needs to get some rhinoplasy. What was she thinking no editing her nose, it looks effing ugly.
And she needs some fashion sense. Omg, she has some nerve to talk shit about Dawn Yang? Wow.... I think I'm going to puke. Her effing blog is so boring and her pictures make me wanna puke.


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

School Flow #1

What inspires you when it comes to fashion? I'm inspired by magazines like every other teen girl. Chatting over teen vogue and seventeen. Also just walking around the school inspires me to see the creativity of people distinct diversity.  Since my school is super diverse, the fashions are also super diverse creating a big fashion life. So here are some pics from this new series that inspires me. I couldn't get many since it's was an on-whim-decison.

 And that's it. Nothing really special.   But not you can amire my photos of me being me.

 A surprise pic of me working hard on trying to create a new blog entry.
Tank- Marshal's $4
Sweater- Marshalls $6
Shoes- Payless -> on sale 35.95 (usually 99.99)
Headband- Icings black friday sale $2 (usually $10)

It's safe to say my entire outfit was chic but cheap. I came with this outfit after hearing a name proposal for the Fashion Show I'm participating in. Someone came up with "Young, Fabulous, and Broke"  It made me wonder if it's possible to stay cheap but fashionable.

Speaking on such Fashion Show, that will be my first ever show and my first ever line to be made by May. I'm so excited yet I'm very scared because I don't have a very clear direction of my line. I want to theme to be Harajuku. It also makes me scared that I don't have a definite career path. Lately I've been leaning toward Fashion Journalism but before that I was very into Fashion Merchandising and before that it was Fashion Design. Who knows where I'll be next month.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Instagram for your pc

Since my camera quality is so-so, I wanted to find a way to instagram your pics without having a damn iphone. I wish I had found it before I posted up those pics yesterday. It's a really cool cheat. http://pixlr.com/o-matic/

Now my pics look way so much more cooler and my blog instantly looks more chic.

Forever 21 Trip- fashion of the week

Eww I'm becoming a fashion blogger.

Anyway I went to the mall today and I only had a little bit of money to buy a winter coat and a pair of boots

---> -__-" <---   But I still went to Forever 21 =). They made a two floor super store in my mall but I never had a chance to go shopping in there because  I'm always broke (truth be told I own no forever 21 clothes). The minute I entered the store I was dazzled ---- >paradise. But I didn't take any pics of  the store itself (I didn't want to look like a tourist since I was alone). But I did take some clothes into the dressing room and camwhore until my sister dragged me out.

 I tried a  lot less on photoshop for all these photos. So my eyes aren't pretty, my nose isn't perfect, I didn't photoshop on some lipstick, I just look naturally me.

A floral top with my own skinnies. I saw something like this on Xiaxue and Cheesie and I've been obessesed with floral shirts.

Well it's more like this
And this
I  was trying so hard to keep balance in this pic lol. I fell in love with this top btw.
This skirt was a very gyaru- ish so I had to try it on. This top has lace back on the back.
 That mirror was really streaky... I fell in love with this skirt. To bad the trend is dying out already.
Skank poses look more innocent with long skirts.  Okay enough with the self loving commentary.....

A bit mumsy yes?

Ends with a nice little self-loving pic.

I hope this made you want to go to Forever 21 too.