Monday, October 31, 2011

Jelly Magazine November 2011 *pic heavy*

I finally added back the followers bar since I never did design a facebook thingy so dismally, I only have 5 followers -__-" . I'm still quite busy, so I'm rolling out another magazine for you guys to read to cover for the time in between posts. I actually have a lot of cool things to post about but of course time is never on my side :( So I hope you guys enjoy the magazine.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fashion of the Week

M very first fashion of the week  *yay*.  I re-added my followers bar for the first time in over 8 months so I don't have many followers so follow ASAP!   Anyway this segment is particularly special because a lot of the pictures I took was amidst of spirit week in my school. I felt more spirited fashion wise and so many  of the "models" here did as well. My school is rather close to NYC and because of the diversity here is much more different than most places, so I hoped that you like these pics.
These first pics is before I realized I had better lighting and a larger mirror upstairs -__-   . These outfits are inspired by gyaru fashion but lack good accessories (because I lost almost all my jewelery over time) I'm sure someone else can put this same outfit together and rock it even better.
 Just to be clear, I am wearing tailor shorts and ripped stocking, I did this pose so you could see it clearly.
 An onee-gyaru style look. Would be so much better with more accessories.
A neutral makeup sadly sans false lashies :(
The next few are just some looks from random passerbyers during spirit week.

 Ballerina Twins OMG 
 Both their outfits were extremely edgy sadly this pic doesn't really show it.
A simple casual look
That girl is really the chic-ist gyaru in my area, you will see more of her :)
 It was Indian holiday during the week so I saw a kit of Indian national costumes

And some stuff I fell in love with on tumblr!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Party Pics

So as you probable know I'm way backlogged in pics as far as May. So I'm rolling out as many as I can this week before moving forward with my blog.  This picture log is from August, it was for a super over the top bash a friend of mine was having. I know I don't normally show my personal life, but it's about time I do.
  1. Here is me at the banquet hall. Wearing a jessica simpson collection dress and lace gloves from claires. We did in fact ride there in  a limo.  Wait... wait let our story start from the beginning!

2. We start our story at Janei's house. She had a court who were all dressed in her favorite color fabric blue chiffon. I wasn't in the court but she wanted me to go with her in the limo. I was so touched T.T , Lol so we met up at her house everyone running around getting ready.

3. Finally the limo shows and we were like woah.... SWAG

Here is the court
Janei in her awesome gown
Her  Cake
Posing in the Limo

Me and my awkard smile
And some more pics
I didn't take much pictures after that because I didn't have flash! *super sadface* but It was a fun party overall.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Update Post

Lately I have been so uninspired and so busy that haven't been posting often anymore. And I'm backlogged in photos all the way back to august *sadface*  This week however I will try to roll out a lot of things. Soon  my  MB photos, fashion photos, and etc will be rolling out in the next two weeks. I can almost promise that. I might even roll out a new layout. I'm trying to get my blog stuff done by monday since that is my only semi-free day lol. And hopefully I can find all my pieces for outfits of the day for some sort of series like that... If I don't forget them all in my dryer  Lol.
Have you any you guys been on gyaru secrets lately. I have been so scared of posting pictures of myself so it wouldn't be used against me in gal secrets but I realized something important. That before evil people like that existed, gyaru was a free formed style that  only became strict because unpopular people wanted the style be uniquely their own. So I'm not going to call myself "gyaru" I'm going to call myself "me" because my fashion and style is influenced by gyaru but I am not one of those arrogant tyrant crazy so-called "style experts" and I hope that other people follow in that same pursuit.