Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Confessions of a F-List Blogger

If Sean Santiago is a D-List Blogger, than inadverently I'm an F-List Blogger ---the one who doesn't get invited to NYFW. To even call himself D-List is completely humbling when this guy has great quality and consistency. But that does not the defer how bloggers calculate success, front row during Fashion Week.

Whatever, Fashion Week and A-List Bloggers. Being F-List is way better

1. You invite yourself to events.
You don't even have to check your mailbox for invites. There won't be any.

2. You can write whatever you want without public scorn.
Because you have no traffic

3. And the best for last! No expectations.
That for the most part explains itself

I'm a moderate F-List blogger in a way because I do get invited places and I do get good seating when I go.

So almost 2-months ago I was semi-invited to Uptown Fashion Week Closing Night Fashion Week. Based in Harlem, the closing night show took place in famous gay club, El Morroco. 

So me and my plus one went to our third ever red-carpet event.

Posing on the red carpet. There were proffessional photos but I can't seem to recover them. 

The show featured celebrity supermodel Diva Davana's collection. 
I found the collection surprisingly mature since the creator is only 12 years old.
Since I, myself, am not a designer it would be almost rude of me to call this collection bland (which it was) but since I am me, I will say it anyway. 

 The outfit Diva Davana wore herself was better than anything she put on the runway and she slayed all her models with her catwalk.  I have a video that I'll post later.

Next Echo Chic
I believe the focus was suppose to be on their jewelry.
I did like the choosing of fabrics. Light, fluttery, sensual.

The kimono aspired asethic was really nice. It worked well.

I swear I was more partial to the clothes than the actual jewelry. It just didnt strike me interesting enough. 

My 2nd most favorite line was an Eyewear line, sadly I didn't catch the name. 

It was so creative and out there! 
I appologize that my photos couldn't really capture the magnificence of the line.

They were soon followed by my favorite line of the night "Versailles". This line was the effort of Charles Dejuste. Hes a Haitian-American designer who has really inspired me artistically over the years. 

My favorite dress!! Its so beautiful in composition!!
How it looks from the back!

This segment was absolutely breathtaking!!

The show closed with a not-so-great segment. The clothes were okay but excessiveness of having the designer sing a crappy opera-pop song was less than amusing. 

I mean it was a good line.... I just was distracted... 

Overall it was a good night... Until we missed our train and ended up taking a train to another town and getting home at like 3am.  

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