Sunday, May 8, 2011

False lashes and Annoying People, One Huge post

I know I have been a terrible blogger but lately there has been nothing to blog since I sold my phone and now I can't take pictures( fml moment). But I do update my tumblr quite often so I'm letting you know right now; if you use tumblr, follow me on tumblr!

So right now two three things are pissing me off this week.
  1.  I tried wearing false lashes in public and it was a fail. So I'm back to doing makeup ekimura way.  
  2. My friends had put down gyaru and had this talk with me over my "fakeness" and "insecurity". I am not talking to them for a while.
  3. The Gaijin Gyaru Community is so compulsively annoying
So starting backwards, the gyaru community is so annoying to the point I don't involve myself in the community. The reason being is not only is their racism; they are so rigid! They have one singular definition of gyaru: To look exactly like the models in the magazines.  According to them if you can't do that, then don't attempt to be gyaru.  Really? Is this how ignorant people are.  Gyaru is horrible when you are copycats. Everyone translate the style a different way. Gyarus are simply fashionistas who like to look unique and cute. They wear unnatural eyelashes because not everyone wears them,  we wear circle lens cuz no one else wears them. Don't be so quick to judge. Gyaru brands are merely the most fashionable brands, that's why we wear them.  Worst of all western gyarus hate high school gyarus- especially newbies.  Are you guys all self- absorbed camwhores with no life so you must crush other people's will? That is what most people think you are. So cut the crap.

Oh and can I remind you. Gal Secrets is about personal secrets not ruthless bashing and getting bothering people with no association to the Gyaru Community.  Get a life.

 I think  Japanese Gyarus laugh at us because our community is so stupid.

The thing about my friends. I can't believe they had the nerve to do such a thing. Yes I wear foundation, eyeliner, mascara, blush, circle lens, lip gloss and false nails. But that's it.  Thats the simplist of gyaru makeup. But they claim I wear over the top stuff to hide my insecurity. And when I expain to them I do this stuff because I like being a gyaru. They said it's not the place for it and by time I'm 20, I'll look ancient. WHAT COMPLETE BULLCRAP! Proper facial care and good makeup actually makes your skin better. I was so mad. People I claim to be friends do not understand that this is my life and I'll do what I want to do with it! Also they got overly annoying when they put down me dieting. These 2 little sticks told me I had no need to diet.  Yeah, tell that to the girl who weighs 40 more then you. And funny thing is I told them I want to go on a regular diet and exercise to tone my stomach so I could wear a bikini and look fabulous colorguard uniform (which is a bodysuit).

You see very form-fitting and if you look closely, you can see my stomach bulge and belly button
Not even like an extreme diet. I went on this diet for a week and I weighed in 7 pounds less. Just imagine how much healthier I would look in 2 months. I would be like Jordan Spark with her 4 pack (you should see it). On this diet I ate a bowl of special k for breakfast. Something less than 300 calories for lunch and Smart Ones or Go lean for dinner and Weight Watcher ice cream for snack. I would do sittups once I wake up and before I go to sleep. But I did like 300 before I go to sleep (with breaks of course). Simple diet without going to the extremes right? Why can't my friends understand that? I don't workout with a weight goal. I have a body goal thus gives me courage.  And of course I have talked about plastic surgery but not seriously. I mean hello, welcome to the 21st century, surgery is like a fashion trend now. Just like tattoos. Everyone wants one. Even my friends want a tat. But to them plastic surgery is unholy even if it is as subtle as a butt lift (trust me people notice boob jobs but no one notice butt jobs until you say something or they are really huge)

AND worst of all last week I wore these really cute falsies in public but all my attempts ended in failure. The revlon glue did not dry clear so everyone saw it and my lashes were falling off. FML I had to last the whole day with them.

So a colorguard gyaru with a bad lash job and two insensitive friends. I bet you did not see that coming.


  1. After reading this post, I can tell a part of you is pretty hurt over some of the constructive crit you've gotten recently and I get that you're feeling pretty hopeless about the situation but when people are giving you advice (NOT bashing) on anything you should try taking it. It's not always a personal attack and I think that's how you're looking at it but you shouldn't. No one dislikes you as a person, if anything we're here to help you make your gal journey easier especially since no one irl gets your interest for gyaru fashion. I hate to hear that your friends are being inconsiderate about your lifestyle choice to attempt doing gyaru. Just because they don't like it doesn't give them a right to persuade you not to do it. But please don't disrespect the people in the community because once you do that, your reputation is damaged and will be difficult to undo :/ Just some words of advice.

  2. I agree with Crystal 100% get to know the gals, they're really nice

  3. Crystal said it before me. You should take her advice its a perfect one.


    Seriously, one of the gals gave you critique and you took it as a "personal attack" and attacked her. She was trying to help you. Yes she was being blunt, but that's how it is sometimes in comms. Get used to it.

    About the falsies, they are a MUST in gyaru. Even if the makeup is more natural. They make your eyes pop more. If you have problems with eyelash glue, try to find a better one.

    If you call yourself "gyaru" and don't want to experiment new things and sacrifice your current look, I suggest you to GTFO.

  5. For the record, Erika does use lashes. They just look more natural on her in my opinion

  6. gyaru look is a gyaru look for a reason and if you aren't willing to follow it then maybe gyaru isn't for you. lashes do make the gyaru look different from other looks. so don't give up on it just b/c you had one bad time w/ it. trust me it gets easier to put on and you just have to find what glue and brand of falsies work for you. there are varieties of brands and each is a little different. so give them a try.

  7. wow @ all the lame comments above. I think your reacting a little. Yes the community may be a bitch. Gossiping and putting others down is just what insecure people do best. That's a whole new level shit though, so allow. As far as it goes with lashes, I think they can And you just have to try the different sorts available. Mac has an amazing glue. Carry with you in your purse on days when you wear them! :) later