Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Updates are going to be less regular for the next week or so as I begin my mini blogshop. I been thinking about it for a long time because I always want to buy from china and then I go check the shipping price and I will be like FML why is it so expensive! It makes easier for everyone if you order in groups, brings the price down by about $10 per person.  I also found there is only about one seller in like the U.S soyfashion, who sells off-brand japanese clothing and they don't even come in multiple sizes.  Same goes with yesstyle. Like come on, U.S is the land of curves,  it's very limited to find a woman whose chest can fit into most of those dresses. So I did my research and contacted a certain factory and I am currently trying to reach agreement, so I can find kawaii gyaru and ullzzang clothing to supply my shop with.

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