Saturday, August 6, 2011

Blogger step your game up

I really don't understand why blogs in the west are so buisnessy. I'm not talking in the sense that someone would  have an occasional advertorial on their blog (and I'll rant bout that a little later) but that in the top 100 blogs in the U.S aren't personal. They all are about things like celebrity stalking, technology, and news. Come on, everyone can pick up a newspaper, no need to have a 100 blogs about the same things.
I feel blogs should be more versatile. Maybe one  day you'll talk about your life. Maybe another day you'll review or talk about a product (I mean we are all in a financial upheaval, small change goes places). Probably tomorrow you go on express your opinion on the headlines. That's what a blog should be about. Everyone in the west tries to have a niche. Things you only blog about. If you are a gyaru you only blog about gyaru. If you are into makeup, you only blog about makeup.  Why do that? Why not blog about everything that is going through your brain? Isn't that what blogs are for.
Don't get me wrong. Sometimes have a niche is great. But only blogging about your niche is very limiting yourself and your freedom to expression. This is why I like bloggers like Janice of Her niche seems to gyaru fashion and makeup but she doesn't limit herself to it. She talks about other things How about Cheesie of Her original niche was traveling and now her niche is more of gyaru fashion and makeup but that isn't only thing she talks about. Oh wait you may of notice they all live in the east? Wow doesn't that make us in the west feel bad. They might be whispering behind our backs "Oh yea, those Americans. They have no taste when it comes to reading good stuff online. They only care what Beyonce's doing and whats next hot gadget. They are probably are stalking celebrities and stuffing their face with hamburgers right now"  
And it's the truth. I barely get american readers anymore. My readers are now mostly European and Asian. Americans only care about celebrities and stalking their every move.
I guess not much of a judge. My blog isn't so great that it would bring people away from celebrity stalking and come over here and read it. I have a redundant layout, my banner was made in 5 seconds with photoshop, my grammar sucks like a left cheek and my stories are boring. But oh well, c'est la vie.

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