Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Trying to be a black ulzzang

It's hard to be something new in a place that restricts being different. I tried gyaru, but as a single girl in a romantic half of the year (December-February) is a hard thing. False Lashes scare men. So I decided i'll still be me--- just minus the lashes. 

But being a ulzzang has it consequences. If you manage by makeup to look really pretty, you gather around the wrong attention. Sexual harrassment every turner you go. Ewww and it's always by older and ugly people. Sometimes its cute people. I still don't have a boyfriend though, trying to change that. Not really working. Guys these days always want a girl they can bang. Not a girlfriend they could kick back with. I don't want a sexual relationship, I want a meaningful relationship. People don't seem to get that.

But on the plus side you have a new confidence.  You look good, you get attention. A girl wants that. but negatives follow as well. I depend on my circle lenses to look good. I can't believe that I look good without them. Also reflects on my other insecurity, my weight... Lets be honest, we all look better in the mirror. Not on camera. You have to take the confidence in yourself, to think yourself as perfect as you can be and the inperfections are only minor to even take that camera and not photoshop yourself . No filters... nothing. I can't do that. I rely on photowonder and filters to make me look good. 

Circle lenses consume you though and when they do it, it gets dangerous. My puffy 3 tones are so comfortable that I leave them on for hours. Way past the 8 hours that its recommended to be worn for because I know I look good with them on.

Speaking of weight gain, I suck in my stomach always no but I guess this is more than evident that my boobs and stomach took most of the weight. My boobs blossomed to a D-cup but my stomach looks like a beer belly. Or worst....a pregnant woman.  I thinks thats the worst thing in the world. When you confuse someone whose fat to be pregnant woman. What even worst is when that woman is you. 

So to sum up this little story. It's beautiful to be something pretty in photos. To be a doll with all your makeup on. But when the makeup comes off and your not a "ulzzang" anymore you have to accept yourself as you are and make the best of who you truly are. Not the girl in the picture.


  1. You are beautiful.

    Don't worry about the creepy older guys, or the horny guys only looking for sex. And especially pay no mind to the guys that don't recognize your beauty enough to be with you.

    I'll say it again: you are beautiful. :)

  2. Your makeup is so pretty and I don't think Ulzzangs depend on their makeup as much as Gyarus do because their looks are always more simple and natural. I do know that the Korean/Asian ones use Photoshop and try to be perfect etc. but I think it's something that anyone can try out becaue it helped me take better care of my skin, I'm sure you'll find a great guy just by using your personality and being yourself. Makeup is just an accsessory anyway.

  3. I say this meaning no offense. Ulzzangs do depend on their makeup and they also photshop. They even look completely different than in person. That kind of thing can kill confidence. The thing about gyaru is that anybody can be gyaru. But ulzzang is strictly for Koreans or more so asians. First of all you need pale skin. And the look goes for the whole "small face". You need certain asian features to fit the style. You see, the thing about western ulzzangs are that they all gave themselves such a title. I'd look at you and never say "She's an ulzzang!" Also, if you ever watched "ulzzang shidae" you'll see that 90% of them are obsessed and conceited with how they look.
    And just some feedback. Is your mother tongue not English? I read all of this and have yet to find the gist of this post. It was very repetitive and made no sense. Why didn't it make sense? Because you jumped from one topic to another with no warning. /End English lesson

  4. You should straighten your eyebrows. Straight eyebrows is a popular ulzzang trwnd right now because it gives you a soft, innocent appearance. Arched eyebrows make you look older and angry