Monday, December 31, 2012

My New Year Resolution

Probably won't do it again but who knows! I actually did a lot off my list last year without realizing it.

1. Keep improving my makeup skills.
At this point Idk if my makeup skills will be gal or not. I'm inspired by gal makeup but it doesn't really suit me. I can only find out through more practice.

2. Be a better blogger.
Blogging has been so benifical to me but I haven't done such a good job this year of being regularly updated. That is something I have to change.

3. Lose weight, be more flexible, healthier lifestyle
I started working on this last year because I performed a lot. Weight loss was the added bonus. My life style isn't completely healthy because I do eat a lot of junk food.

4. Get better grades this year.
2012 was just the year for bad grades! Must change that in 2013.

5. Travel a lot.
Make my life a little bit more exciting and cultured!

6. Get a bit more smarter.
I did a lot of dumb things in 2012. It was stupid things that I could of easily prevented. I want to learn from my mistakes and do better.

7. Become a better violinist
violin is one of my true loves that I don't think I'll part with anytime soon

8. Secure my love life
I'm not going to flat out say I want a boyfriend cuz trust me that I could get one. I just don't any random guy. I think if I want my perfect guy, I'll have to improve myself first!

9. Successfully open a blogshop.
'Nuff said

10. Become rich and famous!
Lol jk

11. Drive
I will be able to drive by end of this year!

12, Take my flag twirling, rifle spinning, baton twirling to the next level
Maybe pro, maybe educator, who knows

13. Be the best I can be! Not what everyone expects of me!

Welcome 2013 and I hope together we can bring each other great fortune!

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