Sunday, March 17, 2013

Stila All-Day Liquid Eyeliner Review

Hello Lovetts,

Now you guys know I am a drugstore girl. Lets be honest, I can't afford to splurge. Splurging is for girls who work above 7.25. That being said, I got lucky and been gifted several Sephora items last Christmas season. I was quite upset tho, because for the life of me I could not find my Stila Liquid Eyeliner which I lost the very same day I got it.
Which led me to buying the Maybelline Masterpercise which along with the other maybelline eye products I love so much.

The stila was an adjustment for me. I hate eyeliners that don't come in a marker shape. This was in my beloved marker shape but it took me a while to get the hand of winging my eyeliner with this eyeliner. It had such a sharper point. It took practice (unlike with the maybelline) for me to symmetric winged  eyes. I have way more mess ups then success that it became habit to have my hair cover one of my eyes. Its always my right eye that has the mess up. Also at first, they eyeliner use to irrate my eyes when I put it on. It no longer does that now that i've gotten use to it.

Despite my shortfalls with they eyeliner;  I love the shape of the pen. I have more room to fix of mess-ups  and it's really precise. I can try more wing designs then I was able to before.

The best thing of all is it really lasts 24-hours, no smudge and really waterproof.

So overall I give this a 7. It took me some time  to get use to it. That's a lie, it's still taking up time.  But it has just joined the official list of my daily products.

Now some photos of me wearing the eyeliner. But I guess you can barely see it lol cuz the lines are thin.

Okay bye bye lovetts until next time <3 p="">

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